Fire and Steel

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  • Game Type: Slots

Fire and Steel

250% up to £1300 + 25 Free spins on first deposit

Fire & Steel: Play the game to experience The good V/s Evil

When it comes to gaming, options are unlimited in today’s world where animations and graphics have immense options. With so many innovations in this sector, one such game is Fire & Steel – a game like none other. This is an online video slot game that can be played on all legal official gaming websites and is powered by Betsoft.

Fire and Steel

About the Game

Fire and Steel can be played by anybody who is above the age of 12. The main theme of this game revolves around fantasy where it is a game of good versus the evil. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you will find this game to be very similar to it. You can choose to be on any side of the game – the good or the evil. But, before you are able to select your side, you will have to set the betting range.

Once you set the betting range, reels will be set up. They come up in diamond shape layouts with an amazing battle background with two warriors, one being yours.

Reviews of the game

With this game, gear up to enter a world of good V/S evil. This game is carefully drafted to have amazing user experience with superb backdrops. Since the time this game had been launched, it has been a great hit on the go. People have been trying the game and there is no stopping after that. There is no surprise in the fact that, today, this game has been reviewed as one of the best new video slot games, with amazing graphics and background effects.

Players of this game are super happy with the payouts. It has been noticed that the payouts of the game can get quite big if you are playing the game well, plus your luck is with you.

Another super review about this game is that a player can get a free spin in a jiffy. How? All they have to do is, align two bonus symbols – the man reel and the woman reel in such a way that they intersect properly. Once you do this, you will not only get a free spin, but you can get quite lucky to get a huge payout based on your betting amount.

With Swordsman and shield Maiden, you will never be disappointed with the warrior’s looks and strengths that each of them gets. When the music and volume of this game are at its maximum, you will simply fall in love with the blazing wild sword fight sounds and the ancestral cries of joy, pain, and victory that can be heard each time a slot is won or lost.

The Development of the game

While the makers of the game have kept the user experience at the top of their mind, they have not missed on the development aspect. It has been beautifully crafted using HTML 5 as the main technology backed up by Betsoft Shift Platform. This combination is deadly as it has proven to get an amazing HD quality of the game. It has awesome 3-dimensional graphics and effects that make the game visually attractive. It has just a game load of about 19.9mb, which makes the game a favorite of players as well as game providers. It is a 3-4-5-4-3 stylish game that allows a player to have 20 bets at one go.

You are going to fall in love with this game at the first instance itself. The audio and visual effects of the game are superb and have quite a resemblance to the famous Game of Thrones. As a player, you will be able to witness loads of gemstones coming on the screen and they represent high-value symbols related to the game.

This is a very simple game and a layman can also play the game. Quite addictive and visually appealing are two words that could describe the game in short. The payouts are always clearly stated at the start of the game, so put your stakes accordingly. Do not wait anymore, and get going on this super game that has been ruling the video slot markets in the last few years. Choose the good sometimes and the evil at other times to enjoy both the sides of the game.