Fruit Zen

Fruit Zen Slot Machine


Powered by BetSoft, Fruit Zen is a 5-reel video slot game with unparalleled graphics and sound tracks to sway you.

Succulent and sappy fruits floating in the aqua pool. An easy to play game with exotic variety of grapes, lemons, oranges, cherries and a lot more.

Recently, the 3D version of the game has been released with 10 pay lines and an extended feature to win from both sides, left to right and vice versa. To make it most understandable, suppose you make three similar combination of single type of symbol from right to left, you get a win.

Fruit Zen is a perfect destination for you to lighten your mood and brighten your day by earning in numbers. The game is available in both free as well as paid versions. It is highly recommended for the neophytes of the game to go for the free demo to get to know the game better before approaching to play with real cash.

BetSoft takes care of their customers and hence have introduced Fruit Zen for all types of browsers and smart phones. In addition to this, unwavering support is provided to the users of the game if they get stuck in the middle of the game.

Before proceeding with the description of Fruit Zen, there are certain icons that you should know to use.

-Autospin: The machine starts rotating automatically definite number of times.

-MaxBet: The highest bet can be placed by selecting this icon.

-CoinSize: Coin Size can be increased or decreased depending on the requirement of the player. The number ranges from 0.02 to 0.05

-Bet Lines: Here you get an opportunity to choose the number of coins you want to place your bet per line.

-Pay Lines: Select the number of pay lines that you want to keep active. It is absolutely up to you to choose a number that you would keep live in the game.

At the highest, you could have 10 coins per line and the values that are selected for each coin is also in your hand.

Optical Description of Fruit Zen

As far as the visual view of the game is concerned, it is really difficult to describe it in a word. The entire framework of the game is a complete departure to a fantasy land. Glimpsing the fruits hanging in the lagoon of water can definitely be regarded as a breath taking experience. The water twinkles like glass and reflects its gleam. An aura of serenity and placidity encircles you. Visualizing this phenomenon will surely encourage you to give Fruit Zen a try.

Fruit Zen Symbol

One of the paramount symbols available in the game is the Fruit Zen. These fall under the set of wild symbols and can be used to trigger the game with rewards, free spins and replacements. In addition to this, they are also enlarging to shield the whole reel and activate the re-spin feature of the game.

Expanding Wild and Re-spin

If the expanded wild does not move and remains at the same location of the reel, such as on reel 2 and 3 or 2 and 4, then you can avail a freebie of re-spin. You can also encounter another re-spin.

Take an example, you already have a re-spin and in the next move, you get a wild. The wild will expand to flower in order to cover the reel. In that state of time, it might happen that both of the wilds stick together furnishing you with yet another re-spin. They can be considered as rewards which bring you closer to more earnings and higher winning chances.

Besides Fruit Zen, Orange is the highest rewarding symbols, also called Jackpot symbols. All five of these productive symbols on any active pay line can endow you with a payout of at least 2500 coins.

It is to be noticed here that, Fruit Zen has no scatter or bonus symbols present to catalyze your game. You are assuredly accustomed to get free spins, re-spins and expanding wilds but no particular bonuses or reward points are available in the game.

Fruit Zen is a pleasure to play and when playing fills pockets, it’s definitely a cherry on cake.