5 knights

Introduction to 5 Knights:

Online casino gaming industry provides numerous options of gambling games for the players and each game has its own unique theme and concept which equally attracts the players to the world of gambling. Almost all casino game lovers know that the games invented by different companies are based on some certain themes and each theme is amazing with amazing features. The 5 Knights slot game is also one of the exciting games of casino gaming world whose theme is taken from medieval world which depicts a huge kingdom. The five knights are to be brought together that is are to be united to save the kingdom and this will earn big rewards to the player. The players need to pick the armors and weapons, different numbers and letters and also some beautiful fair servants or maidens. The game as all other casino games has many options of bonuses through different wild symbols free games and the scatter symbols. The attractive and different feature of the game is the option of slide-a-wild option that makes the game more amazing.

King of the kingdom:

  • The game makes the player hero of the game as the player is in search of the king and the country with the motivating and polite sound track playing in the background.
  • The player by showing his loyalty towards the king and the country will also get a big prize from the king when the player succeeds to pursuit the king.
  • The game makes the player a warrior and the player with full enthusiasm plays the game in thirst to get through the kingdom and find the king.

Bonus and prizes of the game:

  • The game is again of matching the symbols but with some exciting adventure on the way. The player will find numerous symbols through his way like A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 and these matching letters will result into big rewards between 5 and 100 times the bet and this is obtained when the player finds 3 to 5 similar symbols.
  • The player also gets different symbols on the way to the kingdom and these symbols are the weapons. The player needs to search these symbols and pick them up on the way. The player may be unaware of the uses of these armors that the player will get on the way in the kingdom.
  • There are beautiful fair maidens that are waiting to be picked up by the player and the 5 of them will result 250 times of the bet value placed initially by the player.
  • If the player gets the 5 Knights together then he will earn a prize of 250 times the bet placed by the player.
  • The wild symbols are also symbolized by the Knights that also act as a substitute for other symbols but not for scatter symbol.
  • Each reel has its on functioning where 1st reel pay double prize, reel 2 gives triple prize, reel 3 generates four times prize, reel 4 gives five times and lastly the 5th reel gives the reward six times.
  • The player gets 100 times the reward if he gets the scatter symbols that too five symbols, whereas 3 scatter symbols gets initiated then it results to 15 free games and during this session the prizes get doubled.

Open the treasures of the kingdom:

  • It depends on the player how much the player can afford to take the risk and greater the risk bigger are the results. The treasury keeps on opening as the player keeps on searching and keeps on taking the risk.
  • There are 25 variant lines from 1 to 25 and also there are 9 other options with lowest value of 0.01 coins and the highest value is of 2.0 coins.
  • The new players or the new comers can bet on low value of 0.01 per spin and also the experts or high players can play up to a value of 50 coins per spin.

Amazing game:

The pleasant sound track and the beautiful theme make the game very interesting and play worthy with handsome bonus and prizes options. The game is compatible with all devices including laptops, notebook and even mobile phones. The player can easily play the game on their smart phones. So without any delay, just give a start and play the game. Have fun and enjoy.