Aces and Eights

The Aces and Eights paytable provides 3 different payout multipliers. The most valuable hands among the four of a kind are those made from aces or eights, while the highest hand is a royal flush.


Aces and Eights is an online video poker with additional combinations and standard rules. A standard fifty two card deck without jokers plays it. The cards are usually shuffled before each deal.

The aim of this game is to collect a hand that’s paid according to the paytable. It may be allowed to exchange any number of cards for free. You can play this online video poker from 1 to 5 coins whose value ranges from 25 cents to $10.  You are only required to play betting on one hand.

If you bet 5 coins, the highest hand, which is also a royal flush, is paid according to high multiplier, namely 4k coins. Payouts for lower bets goes like this: 250 is a payout for one coin, 500 is provided for two coins, 750 is provided for three coins, 1,000 is given for four coins.

Hands that are considered to be winnings in this video poker include: three of a kind, two pairs, straight, full house, straight flush, a pair of jacks or higher, royal flush, flush and three of a kind. Aces and Eights video poker has 3 types of four of a kind. They bring these payouts:

  • Four of a kind (aces & eights) gives 400 coins
  • Four of a kind (sevens) provides 250 coins
  • Four of a kind (other cards) brings 100 coins

The gameplay doesn’t differ from other types of traditional video poker. Players make a bet, they receive a card, discard cards that are unnecessary and get a payout for hands that have been formed. If your winnings are not large enough, you can try the risk game to increase it. Here, you will notice four hole cards and one upcard. You are required to find a hole that has a higher rank when compared to the card facing up. If you are lucky enough to succeed, your payout will double, and if you make the wrong decision, you lose. You can only stop playing if you have made your choice already

Bonus game

The increased payout for the hand with the highest rank with a bet in the amount of 5 coins is considered a bonus payout.


Aces & Eights video poker does not have a progressive jackpot.


You can download video poker in different languages. It has a convenient control panel. The plus and minus buttons allow you to choose the coin value, and the appropriate column in the paytable will allow you to choose the bet size in coins.

In the settings menu, you can disabled unwanted sound effects, set the speed of the game, activate the auto-hold option, and make other changes to the gameplay.


Aces and Eights video poker is an interesting version of online video poker. If you are genre of this category, then you should try it. It is user-friendly, convenient and interesting. When creating a strategy, you need to consider the increased payouts for a four of a kind. Always wager 5 coins on a hand to avoid mission the chance for getting 4k coins if you will be fortunate enough to collect a royal flush.