All aces poker

 Online casinos, the virtual version of the traditional brick and mortar casinos have become very popular in the last few years. These online casinos generally offer odds and payback percentages that are a little higher than the traditional ones. This has contributed to their growing popularity over the years.

About All Aces Poker

This is a Micro gaming product. This game has a theme and a large part of it revolves around aces. Micro gaming’s design of the interface allows for the player to navigate through this game with as much ease as possible. The main objective of this game is to have the hand with the highest value combination cards at the end of the game. But the All Aces Poker game is all about aces! Four aces in hand mean an extra big win! However, like other versions, and with a slightly misleading title, a Royal Flush is still the highest paying hand, followed by Aces. There are also comparatively high payouts for achieving Four of a kind. This means that getting Four of a Kind of 2s or 3s or 4s will bring a higher payout than those of higher ranks (outside of the ace, of course). It is played with a single 52 cards deck. There are no Jokers and no Wildcards used in this game. It is a poker game suggested for beginners, though everyone can play and enjoy it.

How to play

Betting can start with coins ranging from one to five and you can change the coin size from 0.25 to five. The maximum bet placed on a hand is 25 with a top payout of 1200. Once you are satisfied with the wager placed, you will be dealt five cards. It should be your aim to get the best hand from the five cards. It is up to the players to keep or discard and replace cards once per hand, so as to improve their chances of a winning hand.

Payouts: The payouts are rather proportionate according to the coins that are played. If you get a full house, you are paid 7 coins for a 1 coin wager, 14 for 2 coins and so on. 35 coins are paid for 5 coin bets. However, in the case of a Royal Flush, 1000 coins are paid on the basis of a 4-coin wager and 4000 for 5 coins. 4000 coins are the maximum payout in the game. The pay table is right above the display of the cards, so there is no mystery as to what the payout on each winning hand is.

Additional features: The game displays a winning summary which essentially shows the type of winning hands that you have achieved. There is no autoplay function, nor is there a hints option which would tell you when your play deviates from that of an optimum mathematical strategy but there is a gamble feature. Players can expect to double their winnings in a double-or-nothing bet. It is entirely up to the player whether he/she wishes to either accept or decline this offer which is presented to the player after a win. If accepted, the player is presented with five cards, the first dealt facing upwards and the four remaining cards facing downwards. In this situation, the aim of the player is to choose a card from the four facing downwards that is higher in value than the upwards facing card. If chosen correctly, the winnings of the player get doubled! The downside is that if not chosen correctly, the player stands to lose all the wins accumulated up to this point. This gambling feature can be stopped at any time by pressing the Collect button when a gamer is satisfied with the reward. All of the earned cash will be added to the total credit balance.

Game tips or strategy:

  • Play more rounds to increase the winning opportunities.
  • Try to collect the strongest possible combination.
  • Before a player begins, it’s better for the player to read about some game strategies. This can improve the game outcome to a great extent.

Sound and graphics: The game features excellent sound and speed settings that can be controlled and adjusted using the Games Options button. This essentially means that one can play in Slow, Medium, Fast or Fastest mode depending on the ability of the player to make quick decisions.

All thanks to online casinos, that player can now enjoy exceptional poker games without leaving the comfort of home. All Aces is an all-round fun poker online game to play on the internet through multiple devices. The online version offers some extra features without dramatically changing the core gameplay, making it ideal for newcomers and seasoned players alike. This free poker is very easy to play and requires no downloading. It is a game of luck and a good, thoughtful poker strategy.