All American

All American is a video poker game developed by Microgaming. This is a rather standard version on video poker that serves as the ideal introduction for players who may have never played poker and the best staple for veterans.

How to play

Playing this video poker games is easy. All that you need to do first is to choose your coin value and decide if you want to play 1 to 5 coins on each hand. After making your wagering decision, click the “play” button.

You will be dealt five cards and you will need to decide cards to hold and which ones to reject by simply clicking on the “play” button again. Cards that you don’t hold will be replaced with new ones and you only need to form one of the winning combinations to receive your winning payouts.

The payout percentage of this has been certified and has also been tested independently and verified as a completely random game; therefore, you will always get a fair and random outcome when playing it.

Bonus features and bonus games

There are many winning hands that can be dealt out when playing this game. On the pay table, you will see all the hand combinations that pay. There are many unique ones on offer for All American, including the Full House hand, which usually pays 40 coins when playing maximum coin hands.

The video poker game has an optional bonus game that being the ALL American double or nothing game, which is optional; you will be allowed to use it if you’ve been dealt any winning hand combination when you are playing.

When you click on the “gamble” button, you will be presented with a playing card facing up and 4 facing down playing cards and then you will choose which of the four facing down cards is higher than those facing up.

If you make the wrong decision, you will end up losing what you have won, but if you make the correct decision, your base hand winnings will double. You will also be able to play again after making a correct decision until you reach your gambling limit.

When playing this game, you will find that you can play for different coin values and play up to five coins per hand. Therefore, it can be a low or high stake video poker game.


The interface of this video slot is understandable. It is however better to clarify all basic functions. You can select the coin value by using the plus and minus buttons located on the lower right corner of your screen. You can choose the number of coins per hand by clicking one of the columns in the paytable. You can choose the lowest and highest bet by using the corresponding buttons.


Many types of video poker have a low house edge; therefore they can be considered highly profitable. This video poker is not an exception. Moreover, you can successfully play this game only if you follow the basic strategy. You cannot rely on your inner voice or luck. Generally, ALL American is a good choice for people who love this genre.