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Pai Gow Poker – Beating the house Strategy

Many gamblers in the online gambling world are often excited by the idea of beating the house at its own game. Ultimately, if your main goal is to win this game, you will find that the ability of the gambler to implement a strategy is what differentiates a poorly prepared player from one who is fully prepared to handle anything that the casino throws at him/her. It is therefore evident that the best thing that you can do is to prepare yourself before signing up at any online casino. Continue reading this guide to learn how you can implement game strategy while playing Pai gow.

Overcoming the house edge

Pai Gow offers players a chance to enjoy a game with a fairly low house edge of about 2.9%. As a matter of fact, the Pai Gow house edge is slightly more than that of Blackjack. The most likely question that is going through your mind is whether you can eliminate the house edge while playing Pai Gow game. Well, the reality is that it is impossible to eliminate the house edge because the house takes a commission of 5% on winning hands. Still, you can reduce it to 2.57% by implementing strategy.

Taming the dragon

Many gamblers who play Pai Glow Poker will agree to the fact that you must prepare in order to implement some kind of procedure so that you can tame the dragon. Since there are no other players and you only need to play with the dealer, Pai Gow strategy is not as rich as the ordinary poker game strategy. But you will obviously enjoy the benefits of playing an optimal game. This will increase your chances of winning by approximately 0.15%.

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You are probably thinking this is a small percentage which may not make a difference, but before you do that, you first need to listen up as to why strategy is crucial. If you play this game over a long session, then employing the Pai Gow strategy will be of great benefit as your winning odds will improve in your favor.

Beat the House Strategy

To beat the house, you will need to think and act like the dealer of the casino. You need to think about how the dealer would play his hand. For example, would he split the two pairs? Would he leave them in the back hand? Or would he place them both in the front hand?

What about if the dealer has no pair, what next? If all these things are your source of concern, then you don’t have to worry.

Pai Gow Poker Strategy that mimics the house:

  1. If you have been dealt no pair, you will need to place the highest card you have in your back hand
  2. If you are dealt one pair, you will need to keep it in the back hand, which is your five card hand and then move the two highest cards you have to your front hand. This way, your chances of beating the dealer will increases, even though both of them are not the best hands that you could have.
  3. If a two pair is dealt, which is basically made of two pairs, which are different, you will need to divide them between both hands. The lower ranking pair should be placed in the front hand and the highest ranking pair in back hand. This is because you will be fouling your betting hand if you do the reverse. But it is a good idea if you don’t split them into separate hands as long as you come across these situations:

– A pair of 7s or higher with no single ace

– A pair of aces and any pair

– A pair of Jack’s and 6’s or better pairs and an ace

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  1. If you are dealt a three-pair, place the highest pair of card in your two-card hand and the other two pair in the back hand
  2. If you are dealt a three-of-a-kind, ensure that you keep the three cards of the same rank in the back hand. However, if it happens that you are holding a three-of-a-kind together with 3 aces, you will need to put three aces, you will have to put one ace in the front hand and two in the back hand.
  3. If luck is your side and you find yourself with a full-hose, you will have to split with the exemption of when you have a pair of two’s and an ace or king in played front
  4. If you are a dealt a full house with two pairs and three of a kind, you will have to split with the exemption of when you have a pair of two’s and an ace or king in played front
  5. If you are dealt two three-of-a-kind hands, you will need to play your highest pair in front
  6. When you are dealt flushes, straights, royal flushes and straight flushes, you will need to play a flush or straight in the back hand. You should however play as a two pair if you experience any of these:

 – A pair of 6s and a pair of jacks

– A pair of aces and any pair

– A two pair or any single ace

  1. If you have a four-of-a-kind, you will need to play according to how your cards are ranked
  2. If you are lucky enough to hold 5 aces, you will need to split them except when there is a pair of kings

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