21 Burn Blackjack

The new 21 burn blackjack is a highly improved version of the conventional blackjack game. This improved game has seen its popularity increased among online gamers over the years.

Comparing the new blackjack with the traditional one, in the 21 burn blackjack, the gambler may choose to burn his second card for any random card. Therefore, if you are familiar with the conventional blackjack games but would wish for more challenging features, then the 21 burn blackjack is the game for you.

21 burn blackjack

21 Burn blackjack gaming rules

Most of the 21 blackjack rules are quite similar to the traditional black jack. Nonetheless, the game has been improved with features that provide the game with exciting twists that make it more compelling, exciting and interesting.

The primary strategic factor of the 21 burn blackjack is the popular “burn option”. To give a feel of how it works; consider a scenario where your first card is an ace, your second card is having a low, and the card dealer has a strong card showing. In this situation, you will most likely want to give away the second card and take a new one. Well, when playing the 21 burn black jack, you can easily burn your second card for a new one if you don’t want it.

It is also important to note that for you to burn your second card for a random card; you will be required to place a burn wager. The burn wager is usually an amount that is equal to half of your original stake or betting amount.

There are certain rules which are usually crucial if you are interested in playing the 21 burn blackjack.

Here are the primary rules of the 21 burn blackjack:

  • Six decks are played
  • The card dealer will hit on soft 17
  • Even money is paid for a winning blackjack
  • A player has the option of doubling any two cards, even after a split
  • Pairs can split but you cannot re-split
  • Split is done once
  • There are no provisions for quitting or surrender
  • After a split, burning your second card is not allowed.
  • Upon checking your original hand and the dealer up card, you may opt to put a burn bet in place. The amount you bet for burning a card must exactly be equal to half the original wager amount. Lastly, once a burn bet is placed, your second card will automatically be burned and will consequently be randomly replaced by a new card.

Burn bet pay analysis Burn Card Pays:

  • Ace of spades  –  7 to 1.
  • Other aces  – 2 to 1.
  • Other cards  – you loose.

21 burn blackjack Game strategy

The approach that is used for the 21 burn blackjack is usually similar to the conventional blackjack strategy online. But since you can place a burn bet, you will need to be more careful. By burning your second card, it may prove to be of importance in some situations. And if you are lucky, you end up getting a better half at half the amount of your original stake. Such rules make the game quite risky.

By itself, the burn wager is negative. To be clear, the players can expect a loss of about 67% of whatever amount he or she bets on, before considering any benefits associated with the blackjack wager. Given that you must only bet half your original staking, you are only allowed to invoke the burn option when you are in a position of improving the value of your blackjack wager by 67% of 50%, which translates to 33.65%.

The following is the strategy that will show when the player can invoke the burn option; usually when the value of burning is higher than 33.65%.

  • Only burn if your first card is 7, the second is 8 or 9, and the dealer up card is 7
  • Burn only when the first card is either an 8,9,10 or an ace.
  • In situations other than the above, do not burn

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What makes the 21 burn blackjack popular?

The 21 blackjack game is by a software develop and supplier (Betsoft), that has already left an unforgettable mark in the gaming industry, evidenced by the numerous casino games it has designed. This therefore, makes the game acceptable to regular casino players.

In addition, the 21 blackjack features graphics that are attractive, intriguing and eye catchy. It has brought improved twists that make it a considerable option at all times. Lastly, the game is easy to play. You will however, need to be extra careful when contemplating about the burn bet option.