Booongo Gaming is an intensifying gaming Company that creates tremendous platform with HD videos in slots that provides free games to be played and used widely in online gambling industry. In this platform high quality 2D and 3D HTML5 grooves are designed which have attractive design which evokes the players and develops interest in them to play the game. Booongo works as in a team slot which provides numerous collections of exciting games in a well organized gaming environment.

Booongo Slots

Diversity in the online slot games attracts more and more players thus increase the interest which directly helps to increase the business. Booongo not only provides a variety of gaming options but it also keeps in concern the respect and needs of the players which makes the players more interested in the booongo games. Coliseumbet was the first one with whom booongo started its teamwork and it proved to be a good platform for expanding this gaming platform. It has an capability to attract more and more audience and retaining the older audience by providing best services.
A surprising gift package of admiring games is waiting for the players that booongo gaming would soon provide for them by releasing more unique and new exciting games.



In “Gnomes` Gems”, Gnomes – are treasure hunters who madly burst the way in the earth’s bowels in a rush to get the dungeon riches. These guys will help you run jackhammer to find a huge storage of precious stones among the mines and get them. Special features like Bombs, Magnets, TNT’s and Arrows will help all extreme lovers of jewelry. And for even greater riches – collect in-Game Achievements, so then you can definitely count on #Big, Mega, Super Mega Win!


As the name signifies the game revolves around the galaxy, its spaceships, attacks and missions of the universe. It’s a very exciting game in which the player has to slay the spaceships and make points by earning coins. The video effects are so amazing that one would feel live in galaxy.


Children during their school days used to play the color and fruit selecting g games on board. The one who used to fall into the pit used to be out of the game. Fruiterra is also somewhat similar game with colorful fruits which the player has to hit and gain points. The game has hits and points to earn more and more prizes. It is a very simple and interesting game.


This is a very interesting story based on the tale of snow white with immense background soft music and incredible visual effects. This game is a complete story package with snow whites as a princess, a charming prince and a wicked lady. The players will find it very amusing as it’s a story based games with awesome effects.

  • “SAY CHEESE” :

It’s known to all that mouse love cheese. This game also justifies the liking for cheese that mouse beholds. The player has to play as a mouse runs after its cheese and collect as much cheese as possible rescuing oneself from a furious big cat. Just spin the slot machine and collect yummy prizes just the main thing a player has to avoid is the big cat.


This is a latest slot machine game based on Greek mythology. There are 5 reels and 9 pay lines in the game so in order to win there are 18 different methods to score. The players will find the different tales related to ancient Greek stories which are very interesting to be played. The machine slot has a spinner and after the spin the player has to decide the bet and accordingly win the prizes.


The crazy gems is a very simple and yet graceful game to be played with simple rules. There is a cave which is full of colorful gems. The gems are shaped in form of stars and the game revolves around the number of spins and number of gems collected. The game is very interesting and the player finds it more competitive as to collect more and more gems.


For the game lovers who like to chase a large win and play a big game prefer the hunting party slot. It gives an chance to the player to hunt for free number of spins and collect big bonuses. This game has features like free spins, bonus, hounds scatter and wild. All these are very easy and simple to understand all you need to do is just play the game once.


This game is a divine based game in which the player creeps into an Egyptian pyramid where there is a different pyramid for which the player has to spin and achieve points. This game also provides exciting goals that evokes the player to go for more spins and continue the game. The game not only provides pleasure but instead it also defines the history, wealth and mystery related to Egypt.


This game is a devil themed game which deals with the games that are played as in underworld. There is no need to offend anyone as the game is played for fun and pleasure. The only task is to earn more points in the devils court. The hell has its on musician band as the sound and visual effects of the game are outstanding and attractive.


This game is incredibly designed with 3D effects. It has 9 line video slots with a chief guard standing at the side of the reels. The game contains a traditional based letters on the slot machine a flying eagle and many more exciting characters. This game brings a lot of fun and must be given a try for sure.


This game is based on black magic theme that has taken the ideas from ancient curses and black art. The graphical and animation effect is     immensely great and to be appreciated. The symbols used in the game are the figurine and petrified masks used to define different features in the game. The game has awesome sound effects that cause the player to develop more interest in the game.