Texas Hold’em Poker


There are numerous purchases of ‘Texas Hold’em Poker’ by people today. Gameloft is the developer of the new WiiWare adaptation card game known popularly for gambling. Since its release a few months ago, a large number of people making it among the top 20 most downloaded games online.

Given its rank in today’s most downloaded games, Texas Hold ’em Poker provides nothing more than the ordinary despite a huge majority of people being more conversant with the game compared to the common poker. Its popularity has immensely grown due to the influence of ESPN2, high-profile celebrity players, and the tiny cameras, which have made real-world tournament broadcasting more attractive and viable. For this reason, one can log on and view the progress of high stake games any time of the day or week.

The casino card game can be played from anywhere by any two to nine players. In each Texas Hold’em Poker round in play, two cards a dealt to each player from a common deck that they have to keep. According to the rules, the player can neither draw new cards nor exchange the cards dealt to them. On being dealt with the cards, a round of betting begins, after which a following three cards are flopped from the deck onto the table and are communally used by everyone. Another round of betting happens before a fourth card flops on the table and the cycle goes on until lastly a final bet is placed before all players can turn up their initially dealt cards to see who attained the best combination of the cards on the table. The winner of the game depending on the best combination of the cards on the table and the two cards dealt in the beginning wins some cash. However, not all the rounds can get that far.

The poker game is commonly known as a game of deception and intuition, where the players can give up their chance of winning by ‘folding’ at any time as the rounds progress. The player can, however, decide to keep on playing to fool the other players into thinking he or she has the best combination only to make them ‘fold’ before the game is over to decrease the opponents he or she is playing against, which gives him or her a better chance of winning. As a WiiWare, Texas Hold’em Poker provides its best feature through the form of a video that works quite well for a human game considering numerous hurdles such a game has overcome to achieve success.

Texas Hold’em Poker has single-player option providing several tournaments all over the world. The tournaments involve a player taking on a character and visiting high-staked games in Las Vegas, exclusive world casinos located in different parts of the world, and casinos in tropical islands. From these virtual locations, a player faces numerous opponents with some modeled after internationally known poker players whom the player has to beat by aggressively betting against their odds. In return, if the player wins, he or she gets to pocket a handsome payout.

Through a Wi-Fi connection using Nintendo, the Texas Hold’em Poker online also gives its players a multiplayer option. For this reason, the game has remained to be among the most downloaded with numerous people playing for different reasons. The Wi-Fi linked card matches let its user choose a character and challenge several other users online, with whom they can communicate through a standard set of phrases that can be accessed from the game’s pop-up menu.

Texas Hold’em Poker cannot be compared to the hold’em game as played in reality given that the element of bluffing is different and the game less intense. As such, there are players who turn out unsatisfied because they do not get the thrill of playing it compared to the real game or other similar poker sites providing the same and play for real money. Also, Texas Hold’em Poker has a ‘Quick Play’ option that unlike its name is not as fast, which makes most of its users ignore this feature.

Final Verdict

The Texas Hold’em Poker game developed by Gameloft, cannot be considered as the highest or the new standard of poker simulated video games. This is because it has failed to overcome some factors that make the real ‘hold’em’ what people regard it as. For instance, the game troublesomely translates human elements such as bluffing subtitles and table talks among similar other elements. However, despite these minor setbacks, Texas Hold’em Poker is as good as any poker given offered online. For a start, it is attractive, uncostly, and a casually paced online version of the real game that has thousands playing and enjoying what it offers and whom one can connect with through a Wi-Fi connection. In a nutshell, the game, compared to similar others, is worth it at the end of the day.