Netent Games

There are dozens of casino software developers out there, but only a few of them are true leaders in this field. Creating a list of top casino developers in this field without mentioning Netent would be a huge mistake.

NetEnt is actually one of the first companies completely dedicated to developing casino software or casino games to be more precise. This company was one of the first ones to enter this exciting market. It was founded in 1996 with just a few employees. Now, they are a huge company with more than 1000 employees and their games are present in more than 170 online casinos.

Netent casino software review

What makes Netent so Special?

One of the reasons why this company is so successful is the fact that they are investing a huge percentage of their profit in innovation. Netent is one of the first casino software developers that have created mobile casino games back in 2011. In addition, two years later they have introduced their first live casino.

Of course, what is even more important is their amazing offer which includes dozens of high-quality games that rely on the latest technology. This collection of successful games is getting larger every year. Thanks to their hard work, Netent games are now known a symbol of quality and entertainment.

What does Netent have to offer?

Obviously, a Netent review would be incomplete without paying more attention to their games. Before we go into details, let us highlight the fact that some of the best casinos in the world like bet365, Betfair, bwin, Betsson, 888, and William Hill are using the latest software solutions presented by Netent.

Netent games are successful because they provide real value to players. They are creating visually impressive games with a simple and fun gameplay. Needless to say, these games are promising great prizes too. With their amazing experience and knowledge, Netent developers can always come up with hit games.

This is a company that has one of the most diverse portfolios among casino software developers. For example, some of the slot games they have introduced have become all-time best selling games like Gonzo’s Quest, The Invisible Man, Dracula, Starburst etc. Netent games have ultramodern graphics which is often three dimensional. In addition, these games usually have great sound effects and music as well as realistic algorithms that allow players to win big prizes frequently. It’s worth mentioning that their games provide 95% to 98% payout. You can rarely find percentages like this offered by other developers in this industry.

Netent creates games and software with modern players’ needs and desires in mind. This is the main reason why their games are available at any time and at any place – players can use their computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets to play their favorite casino games. Of course, these games have a responsive design which allows the same ideal experience on every device.

Even though Netent is primarily known for its online slot games, as one of the leading casino software developers in the world, this company also has a wide range of other casino games in its offer.

First of all, Netent has all the standard table games including different versions of Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack in its offer. Second, they also provide live casino games and mobile casino games.

What’s interesting about Netent is that they are usually creating casino software that can be used in browsers. In other words, they don’t develop downloadable content which is much more convenient for most players. As we have already mentioned, the software is developed in-house.

Netent now has its own casino which is a great option for every passionate online casino player. However, it is good to remember that the games found there are not more lucrative or better than the ones found in ordinary casinos. So, it might be a better idea to stick to ordinary casinos because this is where you can find games from other developers too. Having a greater variety of games to choose from is always a good option.

Final thoughts

Netent is an online casino software provider that has always taken security seriously. So, you can expect to see the latest security options in every game. From data encryption to antivirus features, every piece of software that comes out of Netent is secured in the best possible way. They are using independent experts to test their software on a regular basis.

Finally, we will end this Netent review by emphasizing the quality of graphics and sounds as one of the most important features of modern online casino games. Almost every Netent game has high-quality graphics with many details and some of them use 3D graphics. The animations and the high standard sound effects and music just add up to the overall atmosphere.

All in all, Netent is a great online casino software provider and developer that deserves every player’s respect.