NYX Gaming Group

The introduction of the broadband Internet has boosted the interest in online gambling and online casino games. This increased popularity has led to the creation of many casino software developers and casino gaming providers. However, some of them have been present on this market for a longer period of time and NYX Gaming Group is definitely one of these companies.

Founded in 1999, this Las Vegas-based casino gaming provider now has over one thousand employees in more than 15 countries in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. This is a company that develops software for many famous casino and gaming operators around the world. As a result of their hard work and commitment, they were able to get a few awards in the past few years like the Platform of the Year award in 2016. With their modern collection of games which is increasing every year, NYX Gaming Group is one of the world’s leaders in this industry.

NYX Gaming Group games

Of course, if you want to find out more about any casino software developer, you should take a closer look at their selection of games. It turns out that NYX Gaming Group has created dozens of attractive games in the past years and they are introducing new games every year. According to their official website, they have more than 2000 unique games in their offer.

NYX’s offer can be separated into a few categories. First of all, they have casino games. These casino games are created by experienced game designers. They can deliver network content that allows casino operators to attract new players and keep their existing ones loyal.

One of the main reasons why NYX Gaming Group is so successful is the fact that they create games that provide fair prize distribution. It is very easy to understand the mechanic of their games, but at the same time, thanks to the prizes, features, and design, which by the way includes modern animations, sound effects and graphics, players are hooked to these games. Furthermore, their games are available on different channels – land-based, mobile, desktop and even on social channels.

Most of the games created by NYX Gaming Group are online slot games. This is quite natural because these are the most popular online casino games today. Their online slots are known for the high definition graphics. All the modern features that online slot have are present in NYX Gaming Group’s slots too.

Some of the their most popular slots are:

  • Spin Sorceress
  • 1 Can 2 Can
  • Merlin’s Magic Respins
  • Gorilla Go Wild
  • A Dragon’s Story
  • Great Wild Elk
  •  Witch Pickings

In addition to the online slots, they also have a few variations of classic casino games like: Blackjack Pro Atlantic City, Roulette Master, Single Zero Roulette, Poker Dice and more.

As expected, this well-established gaming developer and provider is also creating Bingo games. Their bingo games support different currencies and come with unique jackpots, chat features, and sophisticated prize plans. From different bingo game types like 90 card and 75 patterns to in-bingo mini-games like scratch cards, NYX’s bingo games look amazing.

The NYX Lottery is another successful product they’ve created which is why it’s used by some state-owned lottery operators too. Finally, it is worth mentioning that NYX Gaming Group has probability games in their collection too. These games are usually based on well-known probability games used for years, but adjusted for modern online players like Dice, Hunt, Pyramid, Penalty Shoot, Yahtzee and a few Double or Nothing games.

Advantages of using NYX Gaming Group Casino Software

The fact is that the list of advantages of using NYX Gaming Group casino software is very long. For instance, they have more than 2000 games in their offer. This is something that only a small number of providers can offer. Next, they have a huge selection of games – most of them are online slots, but they also have probability games, lottery, and bingo games too. Most of these games come with different features, bonus options, multipliers and other options that make their games great. Additionally, their games can be played on different devices and platforms including mobile devices.

Disadvantages of using NYX Gaming Group Casino Software

There aren’t many cons of using NYX Gaming Group software. But, they can create a greater selection of classic casino games like poker and roulette. They can also create deals with more casinos and make their games more available.

Final thoughts

As one of the oldest casino gaming developers and providers, NYX Gaming Group remains among the top providers, thanks to their continuous effort to upgrade their existing games and create brand new games based on modern technology. All their games promise great returns and the software they use is developed by a team of professionals. Whenever players (and operators) see NYX Gaming Group product, they should know that they are looking at high-quality products.