Blackjack Switch

Blackjack is a common game known to everyone and liked by all. In simple blackjack the chances of winning may increase if two friends are sitting besides each other on the table and if they exchange their cards but this is illegal and not permitted in blackjack game. If done so, it would be considered as cheating and the players caught doing so have to pay for it. But in case of blackjack switch, the player gets a chance to switch there cards and its not considered as cheating in this case.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch Game

Blackjack switch is a very famous casino game and was invented by Geoff Hall and got approved in 2009. It has all the basic concepts similar to the casino blackjack online game with similar rules methods of playing and strategies. The only difference is that two hands can deal on the game in case of  blackjack switch game while in simple blackjack only one hand is dealt. The other and the main difference is that in simple blackjack game one has to play with his or her own card but in case of blackjack switch game, the two players can exchange or we can say “switch” their cards with one another. The natural blackjacks are paid 1:1 instead of the fixed standard of paying that is 3:2. This game is quite interesting and can make the game more exciting with this new concept of “switching”.


This is a card game which is played with four, six or eight 52 card deck these cards are shambled together properly. The shuffled cards are used to play the game and are distributed by the dealing shoe or a dealing machine.

The layout and design graphics of the game are similar to a semicircular table as used in a simple blackjack game. There are 2 betting positions in this case where as there is only one betting box in case of simple blackjack game.

There is one more condition in this game the initial betters for both the boxes must be same or identical. It is not compulsory for the two to play the whole game together they can split at any time and play independently.

The first step of the game after the distribution is that the dealer places one card facing up on each box starting from the left  after resolving any bet the dealer asks each player to “switch” there top cards if they are willing to do so.

To quote an example, if the player has got 10 and 5 and 6 and 10 then the player has the choice too switch and form into 10 to 10 and 5-6. Once the player has finally decided whether to switch or not to switch, the dealer offers the blackjack game player the chance to hit or stand  ( or double ). The next step is similar to the simple blackjack where on  exceeding 21 the player is handed “bust” the cards are removed and the house gets over the wager.

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As already mentioned above the blackjack switch game got its origin by Geoff hall. He got the idea of black switch game when he himself faced a weak hand in dealing with card game. He got frustrated and decided to bring some change in the game and the change was that if two top cards were allowed to be exchanged. The modifications done in the game proved out to give positive results and was installed in four queens in December 2003. This game then gained large popularity and was in great demand in offline casinos and was also widely played by online playtech casinos.


Blackjack switch game has as such no specific kind of strategy to be followed as it’s a game of smart moves and right decisions. The user needs to be smart in making decisions and on which card to place bet on. There are two basic strategies the player needs to follow while playing the blackjack switch game.

  • The switch decision
  • The basic subsequent decisions
  • Decisions of whether to stand, double or draw a further card need to be made wisely.


It’s a hard decision whether to switch or not but on this one decision the result of whole game lies. It is hard to define the switch decision as it differs from player to player so it depends on the player whether to exchange or not. The correct choice of switching depends on the card of the dealer so it’s in the hands of player whether to take the decision or not.


After making the switching decision there are few other decisions that the player needs to make in order to make winnings and those hard decisions are whether to split or not  and whether to double or not and accordingly the splitting and doubling are awarded. The risk taking rule is usually termed as push-on-22 rule.

Hopefully these strategical points are clear to the player and all that matters is how well you play your hands. There are many more online strategies but the player will learn more and more only by using his own strategies and by playing this game again and again. The more one will play this game the smarter decisions would come out and help in winnings. Try not to show your weak hand to the dealer so play smartly and play wisely. Along with accurate decisions the player also needs to have a good hand in cards as which card to bet on what to chose on and which card to be drawn matters a lot in this game.

It would be best to use the basic blackjack game strategies of a simple game with quicker and smarter decisions. So give it a try and check out how good you are to handle the cards and use the strategies in right way at a right time.