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Online Blackjack Strategies

Every uk blackjack player has two goals in mind whenever they start playing this incredible card game – to have fun and to win. Obviously, online blackjack uk players are not an exception. If you are interested in playing smarter and become more successful at this game, you should know that the simplest way to achieve these goals is to develop a sound strategy.

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It doesn’t really matter whether you will opt for a basic blackjack strategy, a sophisticated blackjack strategy or you will listen to your feel, what matters is to understand that the goal is not just to stay under 21 or get that magical number – the main objective is to be better than the dealer. Of course, not going over 21 is one way to beat the dealer, but it’s equally important to follow their cards and hands and learn more about their role and how they affect the game in general.

Playing online Blackjack right:

In order to help players improve their online blackjack play, we have collected a few rules that should be part of every basic blackjack strategy. It is a smart idea to print this list of rules and look at it even when you are playing:

  • Keep hitting until you reach 17 or more in case the dealer has a card between 7 and Ace.
  • Keep hitting in case you got a 7 and an Ace or less and the dealer has 10, 9 or an Ace.
  • Keep hitting in case you have a 6 and an Ace, but only in case, the dealer has 7 or more.
  • Stand at 12 in case the dealer has 6, 5, or 4.
  • Stand at 13 in case the dealer has 7 or less.
  • Choose to split in case you have Aces and eights.
  • Opt for splitting 9, but not in case the dealer has 7, 10 or an Ace.
  • Choose to split 7, but not in case the dealer has 8 or more.
  • Choose to split 6, but not in case the dealer has 7 or more.
  • Never split 5.
  • Split 4 in case the dealer has 5 or 6.
  • Split 3 or 2 in case the dealer has less than 8.
  • Feel free to double in case you have 11.
  • Double 10, but not in case the dealer has 10 or an Ace.
  • Double 7 (or 6) and Ace, but not in case the dealer has more than 6.
  • Double 9, but not in case the dealer has more than 6.
  • Double 3 (or 2) and Ace in case the dealer has 6 or 5.
  • Double 4 (or 5) and Ace in case the dealer has 4,5 or 6.
  • Surrender any 16 (except 8 and 8) if the dealer has an Ace, 10 or 9.
  • Surrender any 15 if the dealer has an Ace or 10.

This useful chart will help you take the right moves in case you are following the basic blackjack strategy. This is the optimal play people can select when you know the dealer’s card and your cards. This strategy was first introduced in the early 1950s and it really made a breakthrough in blackjack. As a result of that, many players have started a practice that we now know as card counting.

So, by practicing this optimal play throughout your gaming session, you will reduce the dealer’s edge against you. In most cases, an ordinary, average uk blackjack player can give up between 3% and 5% (sometimes more), while a player following this basic blackjack strategy can give up less than half percent! In other words, you will get an opportunity to play an (almost) fair game against the casino. If the cards you get are right, you can expect a huge profit.

Becoming an expert in blackjack requires more than mastering and using the basic blackjack strategy. The fact is that there are a huge number of advanced strategies out that that people can use. They should opt for the ones that match their style and their goals. In this article, we will highlight some popular advanced blackjack strategies.

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By learning more about where the casino and the dealer are usually stronger than you, you’ll get a chance to fight back. However, the dealer’s play is mainly passive and it is up to the player to determine where the game will go by choosing double down, stand, hit or split. So, your direct actions can determine your chances of winning.

Let’s be clear – online blackjack is a very simple game, but this doesn’t mean that players can play without being careful. Keep in mind that the dealer has the last move and keeps the money in case you go over 21 even if his hand is over 21.

Advanced Blackjack Strategy

First of all, we will talk about a strategy that advises players to avoid taking so-called even money or insurance. For instance, in case the visible card of your dealer is an Ace, don’t take insurance and keep playing. There is another similar strategy that advises players who are playing a hand and the aforementioned basic strategy chart points out that it’s better to split the cards, but they can’t do that because of the limitations that come with re-splitting, the player should look at their hand as a hard total and keep playing following these rules. To put it simply, in case you have two 2’s and you can’t split the cards, then you should view the hands as a total of 4 (2+2). So follow the chart like you have 4.

Keep in mind that the basic blackjack strategy has been mathematically tested and confirmed, but there are certain exceptions to these rules because there are some other factors that we should take into account like the numbers of players, the number of decks in the game, the conditions etc.

What is known for sure is that blackjack is a card game of probability and in case you are following the basic blackjack strategy in the right way, you will have more chances to win after a certain period of time/ number of hands. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced pro or a newbie, using a blackjack strategy is always a good idea.

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