Slot Machines Myths and Truths

Even though slot machines are present in casinos for over a century, it seems that there are many things that people don’t know about these interesting machines. As a matter of fact, many of them think that some misconceptions related to slot machines are completely true. If you are interested in play online slots uk and being successful at this game as well as enjoying even more, then you should definitely learn more about them. In this article we will highlight some misconceptions and myths associated with slots:

Slots Myths and Truths:

  1. If there is no win for a while, there is a great chance that the slot machine is ready for a big win

RNG or random number generators are the basis of slot machines. This means that every slot game is pre-programmed to provide random outcomes. In other words, the odds of a slot game to be cold or hot will be the same at all times which means that the odds are constant too. This also means that whenever you are playing, you should know that investing a lot of money in your favorite online slot machine will not help you succeed. Also, in case you are playing and you are winning, this doesn’t mean that you will keep winning until you stop playing. Streaks are not something that you can get from slot machines.

  1. You can’t win real money when playing online slot games

Now here’s another common misconception that is completely wrong. Of course, you can win real money when playing online slots. In addition, many experts point out that these slots can bring more profit compared to traditional, land-based slot machines.

  1. Online casinos keep introducing new slots in order to make this activity more fun for the players

While it is true that casinos do this, it is also true that in its essence, this practice is established to encourage passionate players who are not winning for a while to try an alternative slot machine.

  1. A close call means that a significant win is about to happen

Another completely untrue claim. Keep in mind that each spin you make is not related to any other spin you’ve made. So a close call is simply a close call. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to determine or predict when a slot machine will pay out.

  1. Progressive jackpot is reserved for high rollers

The roots of this myth and misconception date back to the days when online casinos were using just a few software companies for these games (PlayTech, Microgaming etc.). The slot machines designed by these companies come with a condition that lets players who are using maximum betting rate to win the grand prize. But, this is not necessarily the case. Today, there is a simple rule – you can place any kind of bet and you’ll have the same odds of getting the jackpot as other players using different bets.

We can freely say that this rule applies to the majority of contemporary slots. This is the reason why you should not put your focus on playing the maximum betting rate at all time. There are situations when the slot machine recommends playing with this betting rate but ignore this advice. The chance of winning the main jackpot is very thin. Ordinary slot players should pay more attention to how they’ll make a profit.

  1. Using bonuses lowers your odds of winning

This is one of the most interesting myths. For some reason, many players believe that in case you use a bonus, the odds of winning money will become significantly lower compared to playing without a bonus. Luckily, this belief is completely wrong.

The aforementioned RNGs are unaware of the presence of absence of bonuses when people are playing. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you are using a bonus or not – the odds are the same. The payout rate remains unaffected.

  1. Online slot machines cannot be trusted

There is no doubt that it is very important for every online slots player to take some time and select the right casino to play. However, the fact is that reliable online casinos outnumber the dubious online casinos. In case you are not sure whether some casino is reliable, then you should check the blacklist, talk to experienced players and read some honest reviews. Remember that there is nothing fishy related to online slot machines. In fact, there are many players who were able to win huge amounts of money with their help.

  1. It is possible to beat slots with the help of specially designed winning systems

There are many websites that provide access to special guides that will help you keep beating slots. However, experienced players will tell you that these websites are practically useless. There is no system, method or technique that will help you become a winner all the time. Of course, there are some activities that will allow access to special features like the maximum betting rate that opens up progressive jackpot, but that’s it. The most important part about using online slots is to handle the bankroll in a proper way.

  1. Online casinos create and manage the progressive slot jackpots

Wrong. Every progressive jackpot found on online slots is part of a large progressive jackpot network which is operated by the gaming vendor. Let’s take Mega Moolah online slot for example. The progressive jackpot offered by this game is part of Microgaming’s network of progressive jackpots. So, it’s the software creator that manages these jackpots. We should mention again that the result of each spin you make on any slot comes from the random number generators. In case the RNG chosen by the slot game matches the winning combination of the progressive jackpot odds, then you can expect to win. The certificates and licenses that popular online casinos have guaranteed that the software cannot be modified in any way.

In fact, the online casinos actually want players to hit progressive jackpots because these jackpots don’t cost them a dime. On the other hand, if someone wins a jackpot like this in their casino, they will become even more popular. So, it is the slot game developer that pays the winner. In the recent period, the popularity of these games has increased significantly because the prizes have become even more attractive. Before you get involved in something like this, make sure that the wins will be paid out right away not in installments.

  1. New slots are more generous than well-established slots

This claim might sound logical, but it is completely untrue. Online slots are popular because of the flexibility in gameplay, but the fact is that the payout structure is always the same. The same goes for the RTP ratio. So, you can expect the same chances of winning from an online slot that is ten days old and one that is operating for five years.
As you can see, there are a huge number of myths and misconceptions about slots these days, but you should know that they are completely wrong and untrue. Every player should enjoy the slot games to the maximum and remember that they are a game of chance. Every turn is a new opportunity.