Online Scratch Cards

Online Scratch Cards which is also known as scratch-off-cards and scratch-and-win cards are one of the most popular online casino games. That’s because the rules are very simple and easy to understand. All you do is just buy the card and scratch away. If you are a winner, you will know very quickly.

Several people like the immediate familiarity of whether they have won and how much. Unlike some other games which may take more time to reveal, you can find out the results from an online scratch card as fast as you can click on your mouse. That means you will know you have a winning scratch card within seconds.

There are several behaviors to take pleasure in playing this online scratch cards  game. In addition to the classic scratch card game, developers offer a number of online scratch card variations like Wild Champions and Super Zeroes with fanciful themes, backgrounds and big payouts. And then there are the quasi-scratch card games; these are online casino games that are not exactly scratch cards but they have the same fundamental concept and almost all the identical rules of play as conventional scratch cards. So whether you like to play online scratch card just for fun or for real money prizes, you can see that there are loads of good reasons to play at online scratch card casino today.

Your Online Scratch Card Casino

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How to Play Online Scratch Cards

Now come straight way to the point that how you can play online scratch card or scratch-and-win card game. You get a card, and scratch away the surface to reveal the hidden symbols below. The right combination of symbols can make you a winner of this game.

In order to start a game, first you must place a bet by clicking on the Plus (+) or Minus (-) button of the coin selector.

Once you have placed your scratch card bet, there are two steps to playing scratch cards:

  • Step one: Click the New Card button. You will see a scratch card with the logo of the casino on it.
  • Step two: Scratch away the surface of the scratch card to expose the amazing hidden symbols. There are two ways to scratch the card. You can use your mouse pointer to virtually scratch the card. Several people consider this way to be more fun, because it allows the anxiety to build as you reveal the symbols one at a time and root for a winning combination to appear.

The other way is to click the Show Card button. This is the fast and efficient way, as it scratches the whole card all at once.

It is your choice to scratch your online scratch card in your way, the result is that the logo of the casino will be scratched off, and you will see six boxes on the card with symbols such as 1X, 10X, or 50X in each one.

How to Win at Online Scratch Card

To win an online scratch card game, you must have three of the same symbols on the card. If you win, the winning combination is decorated on the screen.

If you have three 1X symbols, you win your full bet. If you have three 2X symbols, you win twice your bet. If three 5X symbols are on your card, you win 5 times your bet. If three 10X symbols are on your card, you win 10 times your betting amount. If three 20X symbols are discovered by scratching your card, you win 20 times your bet and if three 50X symbols are on your scratching card, you can get 50 times your bet, the biggest win in this casino game. Isn’t amazing?

If you win at online scratch card, you straight away win a prize equal to the amount of your bet multiplied by the value of the winning symbol.

A Simple But Fun Online Casino Game

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Online scratch card is a simple and easy online casino game, with not much complex rules or tricky strategies to keep in mind. But this easiness, along with the good payouts of up to 50 times your bet, is the best part of playing online scratch card in the online casino.

Effortless but enjoyable, with good wins, really describes the real meaning of online scratch card. You are going to love online poker, roulette and other versions of our games! They are quick, fun and easy to play! But your life could be turned upside down in a split second if you win one of the life changing amounts available in our scratch card game.

Play now and see if you have a golden ticket!

Did you know?

  1. Online scratch cards, or scratch tickets, have become popular in the USA for the reason that they are the tickets used to play the lottery.
  2. One of the First Major of Online Scratch Cards Games Developer is A great Gaming Company named neogames