European Roulette

Welcome to European roulette, the game of strategy and chance. With its origin dating back to 17th century, European roulette is a popular table casino game composed of a ball, spinning wheel or table, marked in red and black with 37 pockets (0-36). Unlike other roulette games with two zeros, this game has one “0” which is marked with green colour.

The players in European roulette must correctly predict where the ball will settle. Casino punters in European roulette must bet on number(s), if the ball settles on the selected number(s), the specific players with the correct number(s) win.

The advancement in technology has made it possible for European roulette lovers to either access it online or in real land casinos. Moreover, the rules and strategies of European roulette are the similar irrespective of the mode playing.

Therefore, if you are a great fun of playing roulette, but you want to have more fun and win big bets, European roulette is for you.

How to play European Roulette

It is always the wish of every punter to play a game that payout instantly. Well, with European roulette, payouts are made immediately the winning number has been announced by the croupier. As it has been mentioned earlier, there is a slight difference in the way online casino and real house casinos are played. While online roulette will only require a player and the game App, land casino involves four extra members. These casino employees include a game supervisor, Table-end, bet placer and the ball spinner.

In online casino, you must choose click on your selected value chip bearing in mind the maximum and minimum limits. Press on ‘Spin’ tab and wait for your luck. You can either choose to continue betting or to clear all your bets.

Land based roulette involves a table that can accommodate between 1 to 8 members at a time. It all starts with an invitation from the croupier, “Place your bets”. At this moment, all players can either choose to place inside bet or outside bet. At the end, the croupier pays the bet winners while the lost bets are submitted to the casino.

Types of Bets in European Roulette

European roulette has gained popularity over the past decades because of its vast betting options. Basically, the wagers a player can place in a game can be categorized into two; outside bet and inside bet.

Inside Bets

Generally, inside bet is recommended for experts with some winning strategies and experience. The bets have low winning chances although with high payouts. It is important to note that inside bet have other subcategories you can choose from;

  • Straight up bet
  • Split bet
  • Street bet
  • Corner bet
  • Six line bet

Outside Bets

If you are a novice trying to make your way in roulette casino, go for outside bets.  Outside bets have low chances of losing with low payouts, but its better something than nothing anyways.  Moreover, learners can easily comprehend the logic involved in this bet because it involves combination of different numbers. The outside bet subtypes include;

  • Red/Black bet
  • Odd/Even bet
  • High/Low bet
  • Column bet
  • Dozen bet

European Roulette Strategy

Although European roulette is played by many casino lovers because of its simple rules, players must learn some strategies and tips to increase their winning chances. The strategies highlighted below have been approved by previous high ranked winners.

  1. The colour/number strategy

Players have a high winning chance in colour strategy since there are only two colours (without zero) to choose from. Moreover, betting on colours favours players because each colour has a 50% chance of occurring. The secret in number strategy is almost similar to colour strategy. The numbers in this trick are 1to8 and 19 to 36.

This strategy is best for use in outside bets.

  1. Table strategy

Unlike the American roulette table with a high house wedge, European roulette table has a low edge of 2.7%. In addition, the single 0 green pocket gives players on European table a double winning chance compared to a double winning pocket American pocket. The choice is yours.

  • Record Keeping strategy

If you want to increase your winning chances, it is recommended that you keep checking your previous games. This will help you to master the system consistency other betting randomly.

  1. Practise strategy

It is believed that practise will make you perfect in everything you do. Well, if you want to win in roulette, you must make it your close friend.  This will not only help you to win but to familiarize with the game rules too.

  1. Eyes on the table

Land-based roulette players must stay focused during their sessions. This is to help in identifying biasness in the games and other malpractices. Furthermore, this trick will help you to master the colour pattern being applied by the system.

  1. Betting in a row strategy

Never give up when you lose on your first bet. If you lose, double your stake and bet again. There is a chance of winning if you repeat on the same bet. However, if you lose continuously, quit the game and refresh.

  • Save your money

If you win in your first bet, save your profit and use the remaining balance to place the next bet. Staking all your earned money back can lead to higher returns but with higher chances of losing everything.

European roulette is a gambling game determined by chance. There are moments of losing and winning. Play with an open and sober mind otherwise you will either be working for the casino.