Types of Betting Systems

As you are probably aware Baccarat is a casino game in which a chance event determines the winner. So, every baccarat betting system you will find is relying on player’s betting decisions like how much money to put as bets, which bet is best to place and how to adjust the bets each hand.

Obviously, we should not forget that there are no perfect betting systems. The final result in this game is determined by luck and the strategy you want to use will just boost the payoffs, but only when you win.

The majority of popular baccarat strategies look like the ones used in roulette because they are focused on decreasing or increasing betting units based on the outcome of the last bet or bets. They require self-control, discipline, and patience. In case you want to play in a more relaxed manner and boost your payoffs at the same time, check the baccarat online tips we have presented on this page.

Every system we have here relies on good bankroll management. Get sufficient numbers of chips before you start playing in order to avoid situations in which you won’t have chips if you are experiencing a losing streak. In addition, begin your journey with a relatively small betting unit. Many online casinos are offering low betting units ($1).

Here A short Video About Baccarat Betting Systems:

The Fibonacci Baccarat System

The Fibonacci strategy is quite popular among experienced roulette players. However, this useful strategy can be used in many online baccarat casino games that offers an even bet. If we compare it to the Martingale system we will see that the Fibonacci system provides a calmer approach and comes with a steady increase in betting units.

The essence of this strategy is the analysis of the sequence of numbers known as the Fibonacci Sequence. This sequence goes like this – 1 1 2 3 4 8 13 21 34 55 89. It can include more numbers if needed. In case you are not seeing the connection, you should know that every number in the Fibonacci sequence is the exact sum of the two previous numbers, 13 + 8 = 21, 55 + 34 = 89 etc.

Martingale System

The Martingale System is a world-renowned betting system used by thousands of casino players including baccarat players. This system is very old and it was designed for the coin-flipping game which was incredibly popular a few centuries ago. Martingale argues that it is the best idea for players to double their wager whenever they lose a bet. This system and strategy became an instant hit when it was revealed mostly because it looked like a logical strategy.

Now let’s see how Martingale strategy can be used in baccarat and what makes it useful. People should learn a few things before they start using this strategy.

First of all, you should implement betting units. For instance, one unit must reflect the initial amount you want to bet. Remember that this amount can’t be higher than 1% of the total bankroll. In other words, in case you have $500 – $5 betting units are ideal in the beginning.

You should also determine the highest amount of money you want to win. Use this amount as your goal and leave the table in case you win it.

Finally, players must use a stop loss strategy. It’s good to mention that the stop loss strategy is not the one where players stop playing when they lose the whole bankroll. Namely, they should stop playing when they start losing a significant amount of money from their bankroll.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll be prepared for baccarat. Don’t forget that you should always place your bets on the player’s hand because this hand comes with the lowest casino edge which means better winning odds. Additionally, stay away from TIE bets or other bets except for the player and maybe the banker. The rest of the best are created for people who are willing to take very high risks, but the odds are poor, so you can’t expect success in the long run.

Sit at the baccarat table and rely on Martingale system by doing this:

Place a $5 bet on the player. Imagine a situation in which you lose this bet.

So, Martingale recommends doubling the initial bet whenever you lose, so place a $10 bet. Sadly, you didn’t win again.

Place a $20 bet, but you lose once again.

Place a $40 bet and you are a winner! So, you’ll get a $40 payout and a total profit of $5. Sounds simple, right?

Once you are done, you can start the Martingale system again by placing one betting unit. So, whenever you win, start the next hand with one betting unit.

The Contra D’Alembert System

In case you are interested in a betting system that reduces possible losses and boosts possible profits, you should take the Contra D’Alembert system into account. This is a very easy system which was used by many players for a long time. This is actually a system that is focused on positive progression betting. In other words, players are increasing stakes whenever they win a bet and cutting stakes when they lose.

So, the Contra D’Alembert system is basically an opposite version of the Martingale system which represents a negative progression betting system. These two systems work the best for even money wagers. Even though they can be used in literally any wager like this, experts say that using the in baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette is the best idea.

Labouchere system

Frequently called the cancellation system, Labouchere system has gained the attention of the baccarat community from the first moment it appeared. This system requires the creation of a series of numbers. For instance, you can have a string like this – 2-4-6-8-10. Each number is the amount of your bet. When you bet for the first time, you should add the first and the last number in the sequence you’ve created. So, in this case, that would 2+10 =12. In case you win, cross 2 and 10 from the list. The sequence will include 3-6-8 now. In case you lose the hand, add another number. The chain will have 2-4-6-8-10-12 now.

The goal is to continue playing until you get a chance to eliminate all the numbers from the sequence. Obviously, you should be careful because you can add as many numbers as you want on the list, but your bankroll is not unlimited. It’s also a good idea to select numbers for the sequence that won’t exceed the table limit. In case you’ve never used this system before, you should practice it on different types of baccarat games because it will take some time to master it.