Types of Poker

Nowadays, when people talk about poker, they are usually don’t think only of Texas Hold ‘Em – a type of poker that has become popular globally in the last ten years – but also about many other types of poker. One of the main reasons for this rapid growth in terms of popularity is the World Series of online Poker tournaments and some Poker TV shows and movies.

Types of Poker

One of the best things about poker is the fact that there is a wide range of poker types and variations of online poker games available to players. In this article, we will describe some of the most popular types of poker. We hope that this guide will help you understand the basics of each game.

Texas Hold ‘Em

We will start this list with Texas Hold ‘Em because this is definitely the most played form of poker today. There is more than one reason why people love Texas Hold ‘Em poker. For instance, this is a very interesting casino game with a myriad of variables. In addition, it’s quite easy to learn this game and after some period of time, you can master it too. The majority of passionate poker players around the globe share the same opinion – they believe that Texas Hold ‘Em is a poker game variation that requires strategic thinking and activity.

Every player gets two so-called pocket cards on each deal. After that, they have to place bets. Next, three community cards are revealed (also known as the flop) and another round of betting. Players are involved in another round of betting once the fourth community card is revealed. The last round of betting is available after the exposure of the fifth and last community card. In case there are two or more players in play after the four rounds of betting are finished, the player who has the best hand out of seven cards is the winner.

Omaha Hold ‘Em

Another exciting and popular variant of Hold ‘Em poker is Online Omaha poker. One of the most attractive things about it is the huge range of hand combinations. Namely, in this poker game, each player begins with four instead of two hole cards. Just like the vast majority of poker variants, Omaha Hold ‘Em relies on a standard deck with 52 cards.

So, the player sitting left of the dealer must put a small blind. The player next to him (in a clockwise direction) must put a big blind. After that, each player starting with the small blind is dealt four cards which are not revealed. As we said before, these four cards are the hole cards for each player and two of these cards added to three of the five community cards are combined for the best poker hand. Once the players get their hole cards, the first betting round starts. The first to place a bet is the player sitting left of the big blind.

This poker player, as well as all other players in turn after that, must call, raise or fold. Upon the completion of the first betting round, the top card located on the deck is eliminated from the deck (burned) and the flop is then dealt. Three cards are dealt and made visible at the table. After that, the players must complete the second betting round. The same player as before starts the betting round. Another card is eliminated from the deck and the next turn is dealt after that.

The turn is actually the 4th card dealt and revealed at the table. Obviously, the players will have to complete another betting round. Once this round is finished, and if there are two or more players in the game, the players will reveal all their cards. The player with the best hand which consists of two hole cards and three community cards is the winner.

Here A Video For You that Shows the Different Types of Poker Games:

Crazy Pineapple

Many people are attracted to this poker variation because of the interesting, exotic name. But, it seems that there is more than a name that is attractive about Crazy Pineapple poker. Crazy Pineapple shares some characteristics with Texas Hold ‘Em poker. For instance, this is a community card game. However, it begins with three cards instead of two which means that there is a great chance that the players will start betting like crazy after the first couple of hands.

According to the latest statistics, this type of poker is becoming more and more popular in casinos too because people are looking for something different than Texas Hold ‘Em. Every player gets three cards in the beginning and the first round of betting is finished in complete dark. Once the flop of three cards is over, every player must eliminate of the three hole cards if they want to keep playing. Just like Texas Hold ‘Em poker, there are river cards and community turn and a betting round after each hand. In most cases, Crazy Pineapple poker is played with certain betting limits.

7-card Stud

Poker has witnessed record high levels of popularity in the beginning of the 21st century. But, before this period, the 7-card stud was way more popular compared to Texas Hold ‘Em. Every hand in this game begins with poker players receiving two cards which are not revealed and one revealed. The player with the lowest visible card has to place a bet first. After each card dealing round, there is a betting round. The 4th, 5th and 6th card are revealed but the 7th is not exposed. Similar to Texas Hold’ Em, the main goal is to finish with the best five cards, but the difference is that there are no community cards in stud. There are also 5-card and 6-card versions of this game, but they are not very popular.

HORSE poker

Now here’s a combination of a few different poker games into one interesting game. In case you are a fan of more than one version of this casino game, then you will love HORSE poker because it includes the elements of many games. HORSE poker provides a round that follows the rules of different poker games. It starts with fixed limit Hold ‘Em, the switches to fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-card stud low, 7-card stud (high only) and finished with 7-card stud Hi/Lo. Once the last round is finished, the game goes to the initial fixed limit Hold ‘Em game. Players can check which game is played at the moment by checking the table window’s top border or the table’s top border.

When changing from Omaha Hi/Lo to 7-card stud low (Razz), the button is temporarily frozen. In this way, when the play goes back to Hold ‘Em (once 7-card stud Hi/Lo is over), players won’t have to skip blinds or pay additional blinds.

Every game that is part of HORSE poker is played with fixed limit which means that there is no Pot Limit as well as No Limit games. In addition, the limits (like $10/$20) remain the same over the course of the entire game. So, players will play $10/$20 fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo, $10/$20 fixed limit Hold ‘Em etc.

Chinese poker

This is another interesting version of poker that originates from China. Chinese Poker is quite popular among professional players who are not afraid to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars. At the vast majority of important tournament series, Chinese Poker is typically used by seasoned professionals and is practiced in the poker halls as well as in hotel rooms. Every player gets 13 cards which are not exposed.

After that, every player must organize their cards into three different hands (obviously there will be 2 hands that consist of five cards and one hand of three cards). The top hand (which would be one of the two 5-card hands) should be your strongest hand, followed by the middle hand (the other 5-card hand) and the 3-card hand. After that, players reveal the cards in order to determine the winner. Each hand is pitted against suitable hands. Every hand that you won brings a point, if a player wins all three hands he or she will get additional points, so the maximum number of points is four. The betting stakes are designed per point which means that in case you are playing $10 a point, the maximum win for each round is $40.


Finally, Badugi is a special kind of draw poker, but it’s different compared to 5-card draw because every player has four cards and the lowest hand is the winning hand. Typically, one hand consists of three betting rounds and players should focus on avoiding situations in which they have two or more cards of the same suit.

They should also avoid making pairs. It is good to know that aces are low, so the best hand you can get is an Ace, 2, 3, and 4 that don’t belong to same suits. In case some player has two or more cards of the same suit or value then this card is eliminated and they’ll have a 3-card hand.