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The SA gaming is one of the most popular online gaming platform providers that have been in the online gaming industry for long. SA gaming provides online platforms to various notable gaming operators across Asia. The popularity and success of the SA gaming has been mainly due to its ability to extensively understand the dynamics of the Asian market and providing the necessary detailed online gaming solutions. Such solutions have been known revolutionize HTML based games.

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With a team of professional experts with vast experience in online gaming industry, what the SA gaming has to offer has no equal rivalry. We at SA serve to ensure that you maximize on your every profits and opportunity. In other words, we are one of the best partners in the business.

At SA, we specialize in developing of games that are known to Asian markets as well as work to deliver products that satisfy the player’s need for an authentic Asian online playing experience.

It is important to note that at SA gaming, we also have the flash version of our products which is also a favorite among the Southeast Asian markets.

Popular games offered at SA gaming.

At SA game, we offer a variety of comprehensive HTML- based games like the Live games, E-games, the E-lottery as well as HTML-5 mobile, multiplayer and proxy betting. Nonetheless, our specialties include the first three.

SA gaming makes available a wide range of live casino games that come with excellent features. For instance, the Live Casino Studio is perfectly designed and furnished; the various live dealers are carefully picked and adequately trained to ensure that the players have fun in the games. However, since most of the live games are known to the locals, the lives games primarily focus on the Asian markets.

Ga Among the Live Games:

  • Baccarat
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Sic Bo
  • Fan Tan
  • Black jack
  • Roulette

You can check our live games page for further details on how to play.

The e-games on the other hand are built to accommodate all player preferences. The games are created with an Asian twist with the use of cutting edge technology that will guarantee you an unforgettable gaming experience.

 GA E-games include:

  • Prosperity tree
  • Red chamber
  • Zombie hunter
  • Volley beauties
  • Angels and demons
  • Golden chicken
  • Fruit poppers
  • Topical cash
  • Innocent classmates
  • Fantasy Goddnes
  • Havoc in heaven
  • Moon lady
  • Saint of mahjong
  • Ji gong among others.

The above e-games are calibrated with mathematical models and support features such as the progressive jackpot. Also, there exist other features like; the gamble feature, multi-denomination and the progressive link jackpot. Be sure to be regularly checking the site as new slot games with dynamic themes are continuously introduced. You can even play them from your mobile device.

Lastly our lottery product is home grown and features unique technology with draws being held every day. They also support real-time streaming for our players. Our favourite lottery games include;

  • Single bets
  • Multiple bets
  • Banker bet
  • Quick pick
  • Novelty betting

While playing our lottery, beautiful presenters will be seen moving around, making the games lively and enjoyable. Feel free to check the lottery page for more information on how you can place your bets and start winning.

SA gaming software

The SA gaming offers its players a popular API known as the Common Wallet API. This wallet will ensure that the players receive a gaming experience that is smooth and hassle-free. With the Common Wallet API integrated with your website, your players will have only one unified credit balance in their respective accounts, regardless of the number of platforms that your players play at your operation site. Furthermore, a particular API, the Independent Wallet API will also be available at your convenience

SA gaming users

The SA gaming is primarily focused on the Asian markets as most of the Asian players have the back ground knowledge of the various games on offer.

What makes SA gaming stand out from the rest?

The SA gaming’s name and reputation are purely built on the company’s ability to offer quality products which allude to excellence. The company is committed to implementing the most sophisticated security measure for all its products and platforms to provide a reliable and safe environment for all the online gaming layers.

Also, the company customizes its product to blend with several markets and our partners’ special business needs. As a result, you will virtually find SA games in most markets. Most products as SA are localized for the several markets that are multilingual; Indonesian, Japanese, Korea, Thai, English and simplified Chinese.

Lastly, there is a live chat support where you can make enquiries or seek assistance whenever possible.

With SA gaming, you are guaranteed unique gaming experience, so feel free to always check the website for various updates on new games and platforms offered by the company.