Red Dog Poker

There were very interesting games that the youngsters used to play during their childhood and playing cards is one of  those famous games. Red dog poker is also somewhat related to the card game but is not known to many people so you need to learn a little about this game in more details. Red dog poker is a very exciting poker game which is very simple to be played and is considered to gather more favorites compared to some other table games like seven card stud poker and many more.

red dog poker

Origin Of Red Dog Poker Game:

The red dog poker is considered to have its roots in the casino of Nevada and this game has some similarities of acey and deuce games that are known to be initialized in US during the 18th and 19 centuries. It is also believed that this card game was first seen during 12th centuries but was not much clear for many casino industries. The countries who offered the red dog poker game at the start are China, Egypt and India. The card games were known by different names in the beginning like “in-between” and had many more interesting names. In Las Vegas during 1931 the “in- between” card game was legalized and was deduced with a new name that is “red dog poker”.


Red dog poker game is also well known by another name that is “yablon” and it is supposed to be a game of luck played by taking chances on the cards. Undoubtedly people play many kind of card games but this game is entirely different though different it is very exciting and brings out great fun. In certain survey it is found that the popularity of offline card game has declined but meanwhile it has made a top position in online casino poker games as red dog poker is widely liked and played by the players online. It’s known to almost every person who has tried the card at least once in a life that there is a deck of 52 cards in card game. The game is all about whether you can decide that the third card that you will bet upon will fall between the first two cards The rank of aces is the highest among the cards. The game has certain rules and strategies which are described below:

How to Play Red Dog Poker Step by Step

  • The red dog poker uses only three cards instead of the whole deck all at once. The players place an bet on there card
  • The cards are laid down on the desk with facing upright and only two cards are placed
  • The player has choice to either double the bet or stay on single bet
  • The player then waits to check how much his luck supports him and whether the next card comes in between the value of first two cards.
  • There are three further possibilities in this game:

The first one is that if the cards are successive in number for example a two and three or a jack and a queen then the players bet are returned.

Secondly, if the two cards display same value then a third card is dispensed this time the payout of the player is 11:1.

If both the above cases do not follow that means the cards are different for example one is 3 and the other one is 9 then the card will be dealt again and this time the player has the time to decide whether to double his bet or not. If the third card fall between the first two then the player will receive the winnings else the bet is lost.

There will be two buttons in front of the player one is named as ‘Ante’ and the other one is termed as ‘Raise’. The ante is nothing but the initial step of the game in which the player places the bet and raise is when the cards matches the selected card that means the bet is yours and so the game is yours but in case if same cards appear then it will instantly result into a “push” which means nothing won and nothing lost. & ‘Raise’. Initially you choose your stake for the ante, which should have a decent range available, at most sites, and then hit the deal button to get your two cards. To win at Red Dog requires that you split your two cards, so if you are dealt consecutive cards such as 6/7 or a matching pair this will immediately result in a push, nothing won, nothing lost.

Video – How to Play Red Dog Poker:

Call of Winning with Red Dog:

 The winning chances appear to be more when there is a gap between two cards and depending on the gap between the cards the player has the chance to call or raise if the player is sure that the next card would split the existing cards. In case the gap is not much then simply hit a call and wait for jack to be out. On contrary if the gap is very huge for example K and 2 then click on raise button and pray for the next card to be between 3 and q.

Distribution of Payouts:

The payouts are termed in ratios like a one card spread pays out 5:1. Its 4:1 and 2:1 for a two cards and three card spread pay out respectively. The ratio is 1:1 for payout ranging between 4 and 11.

Strategy of red dog poker:

As already mentioned above, the game is about the thinking power of the player as to which number to bet on after the first two cards appear such that the third card would be between the first two. It is fun giving game as people try to check out their betting and luck power as no doubt the luck matters in this game.

So, red dog poker is an exciting game and must be given a try at once and for sure if a player plays it once, will like to play it again and again. With a simple strategy and rules, this is an amazing game to learn the basics of card gaming and is awesome platform for the players who are new to the world of cards.