Gameart Casino Software


GameArt is a platform that provides software base for online casinos including a full on package of interesting games and gaming operators. The game art got its existence in 2013 and was introduced by a group of well experienced industrial scholars. It is the base for the companies that provide multiplatform games with amazing video and sound effects along with outstanding graphical designs. The game art has the capability to make new online games with embedding of existing games and can also create an online gaming platform with variety of online games.

GameArt Casino Software

The games of GameArt  are fully compatible with any platform including IOS, tablets or mobile devices. Slot machines that are created by game art have full exciting features which attract the players to the gambling world with unique games and exciting prizes. It provides the game in video slots that display all aspects of the games in story form as if every moment of the game is caught alive.

It would be a difficult task for the players to select a particular game from GameArt as the variations provided by game art are numerous and all are equally exciting and worthy to be played. So to make a choice from a huge list is a bit confusing. So in order to solve the choice making problem one needs to know about the games a little so as to make the selection smooth and clear.

Every player have their own preferences as few like mysterious and suspense based games while others like treasure hunting and puzzle solving games. Game art provides all types and interest based games and according to the player interest the game can be chosen and played. It has unique spin chances, reel symbols and bonuses by collection of precious gems. The trials are available with no deposits or charges so that the players can get an idea about the game and it’s for sure that ones the game is played cannot be stopped until you accomplish your target so give a chance by playing a free trial.



This game comprises of a 5 reel slot game that provides 10-25 free spins and regular bonuses with prize multipliers. The player has to make a combination of three consecutive same symbols starting from the left side of the reel. When the combination of more then three appears on the screen than it means a big prize is waiting ahead. There will be dragon shaped symbols and with the spin one need to make the combination.


Cats are favorite of many people and this game is also somewhat related to cats. This game gives big prizes and provides all time entertainment. The game shows the huge kingdom of cats which is ruled upon by twin cats. The background decoration of the game is very amusing and eye catching graphics plus designs. The cats in the game compete with one another for different items thus game are very cute to be played.


The game has 5 reels similarly as power dragon. The game shows the three furious animals those are lion’s rhinos and giraffes. No doubt there are may other wild animals that can also be seen in this game roaming all around. This game consists of many bonus features and free spins. The design of the game is like the scenic beauty during sunset. The reel starts and stops with your wish that means as the sunsets the ball goes down the player spins and then stops when wishes.


The game consists of a huge eagle in blue color with fluffy feathers. But the game is not based on only this furious creature instead it has many other beasts in it. It has a hysterical tribal theme story hidden in it. The designing of the game show the outstanding landscapes in the background. The collection of five birds of same kind will draw you a big cash prize.


This game contains 20 symbols. Players need to make matching combination of symbols. The win is shown by the central spin wheel from which golden coins flow. The game has stunning visual and sound effects that are worth playing .this game has few functions of gambling which provides the player an option of double win.


The game is taken on the theme based on American jungles where the player has to trace out and hunt the skulls that are kept hidden in ancient pyramids. This game has mysterious prizes and big possibilities to win with great package of fun. This game consists two paying symbols one group gives low paying options while the other provide high paying options. The second part consists of a golden mask, a sun and a moon. So just give a try to know this game more.


This is an amazing game with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines. The player moves on a marvelous adventure with time span. This contains a time slot machine which takes the player back to the times of ancient Egypt with Egyptian symbols and jewelry. The player can collect few valuable things from the game like treasures rings jewelry coins and many more and exchange them to get handful credits.


The name of the game signifies a war like theme but in real the game is of a very peace going nature and is based on the theme of colorful fruits with magnificent design and audio visual effects. There are various fruit symbols in the reel and the reel needs to be filled with as many similar fruit symbols as many possibilities are available. The winners are offered with multipliers hence the score keeps on increasing.

There is a big never ending list of games available in game art. These are the few taken from the slot so as to give an idea about the game art and its video slot games. The players will be excited to try all these games at least once. So without wasting your time, just give it a start and have fun.