Seven Card Stud Poker

Seven Card Stud

Seven card stud is a very famous and is one of the most played poker games online. This game is also known by other names like “seven-toed pete” or “Down the River”. This game is not too easy to be played and if one wants to make mastery in this game then one needs to be a regular player of this game to gain a good experience in order to become a lifetime master to this game. In this game seven cards are dealt in but the possibility is of only best five card poker for each player determines the fate of the player.

How to play 7 Card Stud

Betting on Seven Card Stud

In many poker casino games there is no limit of betting it depends on the players pocket and interest how much he wants to bet on.

but in the seven card stud game. There are certain limits imposed on betting structure. There are few popular known games of casino like Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker game which too have such limits applicable on the betting line. This bet is placed in certain fixed augmentation. Initially people used to play Texas hold’em and were not known to seven card stud game but as the popularity of Texas increased, the seven cards poker game also got its identity and was played across United States including the casinos of Eastern parts of the country. The number of layers in this game may vary form two to eight. It’s very simple to play the game with two players but has a specific set of rules for eight players.

How to Play Seven Card Stud

The game begins with the following simple steps:

  • The initial step of the game is to share out the cards in which two cards face down and one card is face up.
  • “bring-in” is to be paid by the player who has a low ranked upcard. The betting procedure is then carried forward in clockwise direction.
  • When bring in is considered then there is no need for the next player to check as bring in is considered an “open”.
  • In few cases two players may show equally ranked low card so in this case, the cards may be used to break the tie and allocate the “bring in” and check the high card by suit.
  • If bring in is not called, then first betting round begins and the player shows its highest ranking card who may check.
  • There may be another case when two players have same highest ranked card then the procedure is followed according to the rules and the player who comes first in clockwise direction form the dealer gets the first chance.
  • After the completion of first betting round, other card is shown up to each player this is the second round in which the player whose up card shows the best poker hand starts the round.
  • Less then five cards are faced up so it is clear that no straights, flushes or full house would be considered. On this basis the player whose cards that are shown up make best poker hand will get a chance first to initiate and may check or bet up to limit of the game.
  • After the second betting round, the third up card round is conducted followed by fourth up card betting round and then at last the final showdown if required.

Please Watch this Video carefully about how to play seven card stud:

Rules of Seven Card Stud Poker Game:

The rules are not very hard to be kept in mind and the player will make it more clear after playing the game once:


Before starting the game of seven card stud all the players ante a amount which depends on the game, and the amount is displayed in the tables title bar. This is the cost that is to be dealt while playing the game. To take an example, the ante is $1 in a $3 game.

Third Street:

Each player is firstly distributed with three cards the cards include two hidden cards and one card is called face up. The player is said to be in

Bring in if they possess the lowest exposed card and have to take the action even if not willing to do so. They can either place nominal bet or choose a lower bet. The action is completed in a clockwise direction until the betting is completed around the table.

Fourth Street:

Each player then gets an exposed card which is called “Fourth Street”. The player with the largest value of poker is the first to start the game. Taking an example if a player gets the exposed cards with highest rank like king then they would act first if no other player shows up aces or a high card.

Fifth Street:

After the fourth street each player receives another exposed card called the “fifth street”. The pattern followed is again the same the player with highest value of exposed card needs to start first. Then it is followed by the next step of betting. All the bets initiated in this game after the fifth street is in big bet increments.

Sixth Street:

After the first steps already mentioned the player receives the other exposed card called the sixth street. Again the same rules are followed in which the player with the highest ranked card value acts first followed by betting round.

Seventh Street (or the river):

The final step of the game in which the player gets a seventh and the resultant card which is distributed and kept face down and the card is known only to the player to whom the card is dealt. There is a final betting round and if at last the number of players is more than one then it’s the time for the final showdown.

The Showdown:

The final and the last betting round is said to be complete if there is more then one player at the end, the one who is last better has to show there  cards first. If in case no bet was made in previous round then the player in previous seat displays the cards first. The process of showdown is also conducted in clockwise direction. The winner is one who has the best five card poker hand. The pot is then equally divided between the player and the best played hands.

Betting option:

There are numerous actions available in the seven-card stud poker game. The few of them are mentioned below:

  • FOLD
  • BET
  • CALL

The availability of the options depends on the option selected by the previous player. If in case no player has made any bet then a player can either check or place a bet. Thus the choice of the options depends on the player whether to place a bet or not to place a bet and just check.

This is an interesting game but needs to be played time and again to get good tactics of the game as the game is amazing but not so simple to be played. The player will get a clear idea of the game by giving at least one try. So be ready and go for it.