Keno is one of the popular types of casino games. This game is mostly prominent in the public places and centers as the lottery tickets are easily available at the stalls. This game is quiet simple to be played and interesting too. The procedure to play this game is very straight and easy. In this game the player has to bet on certain set of numbers ranging form 1 to 80. This step follows the random generation of any 20 numbers that will appear on the screen. If any of the randomly initiated numbers match ones selected numbers, then all is set and the game is in the player’s pocket. If anyone is new to this fascinating game can try a free keno game to go through it ones.

Play online Keno

Undoubtedly keno is a very simple game but has a very affluent history related to its origin. Keno is a Latin name which signifies “five numbers” and is originally known to be first discovered by the Chinese. Though there are no specific proofs of its true origin, this game is played with a great interest. It is said that this game was played in china during wartime in order to raise their funds and also in the construction of Great Wall of China it has a significant contribution. Above all it is enough for the player to know that it is really pleasurable to play this game.

A glance at emergence of keno:


The objective of Keno is very simple to understand. It follows only two concepts that are bet and win. Odds are laid or in a layman language the bets are made by choosing numbers between 1-80.different casinos set up different limits for the numbers to be chosen by the player. You can choose up to 10 free numbers on this free keno. Then as per the procedure of the game 10 numbers are generated at random and the amount you win depends on the counts of your numbers that match with the random numbers. Number that matches up is coined with a term called “catch”.


directives to play keno:

As already briefly explained above, there are no such hard and fast rules for playing keno, the sum earned by the game differs from casino to casino. Every casino sets up its own particulars for payouts; in this the winners are calculated not just on the basis of catches alone instead how the player initiates his or her game. To make it more clear take an instance, if a player choose less numbers to bet on, then chances of winning rises because the outcomes become more difficult.


This game is like testing your luck and how much your luck supports you. Once you have made choice regarding the numbers there is no master plan to be made. All you have to do is just sit back and wait for the results. The numbers are distributed in a random way, so there are zero chances to cheat the system and neither system can cheat you, especially not in an online version. Due to this, you cannot predict how well you will play Keno. It’s rare to hit 10 on 10 numbers or 20 on 20 numbers but still in case if you do then you are lucky out there. So, all the very best!

There are few key points that you can use while betting at keno. Few are discussed below:

1) Always try to go for a free keno game before playing on a live version. This will help the player to know the game more briefly by playing several times before going for final play in online version. In this way player can learn about betting patterns, get to know which and how to choose the numbers, and so on. This would act as a practice session and would make the live game to be played more confidently.

2) Find a game plan for betting and selecting numbers. Every player has a unique way of playing and use different strategies. Few may want to use their lucky number as their lucky charm to choose the number sequence. On contrary few players use the trick to choose a number that has not been up or shown from a long time. As a whole it is based on psychological aspect of human beings, but it is harmless to make ones own playing strategies. The most important aspect is to decide upon how many numbers you want to bet on. Many contestants opine that 5-7 numbers are right choice as large number may decrease the chances of winning.

3) As a toddler, keep your funds low. In case you are playing for cash, then don’t start celebrating at one go because it’s a game of luck it may start bad but later prove to be a jackpot or it may start as a fling but soon drop down to failure. So it’s important to first learn a good basic betting strategy.

4) If your main motive of playing keno is for cash then trace out a casino that provides maximum payouts. Online keno basically provides much higher rewards than the physical games.

HOW is ONLINE KENO different from THE REAL DEAL?

The main reason due to which this game is well known is that it is not social in particular like many other common games such as poker, blackjack, and craps which are very difficult games to be played online because there is a certain participation of audience. In case of playing with numbers there is no such requirement of audience. It does not imply that keno is a boring game instead you will love to play it! We think one will have an awesome experience by playing this game. The designing of the game is simple, but the graphics are attractive– has a soft jazz soundtrack that sets the mood of the players all well.

TRY with free online keno game

It would be a best option to try out with free keno game to check your hand at betting. It may seem to be very simple as compared to other casinos but no doubt simplicity is best of all. It’s amusing to play a game without any worries and hurries with no issue of using some well defined strategy as it’s all a game of luck. So all is set and all points are clear so go forward and give a bang!