About Us

When you can’t get to your favorite brick-and-mortar casino, you can always find a great online casino to fulfill your gaming needs. Our site’s goal is to help you find the best casinos with top payouts, most exciting games, and quality performance. There are so many casinos to choose from and we are here to make the task of finding the best website so you do not have to do it on your own.

What We Do

On the site, we employ a collection of industry insiders who know what makes an online casino one of the best in the world. Our experts dig through the casinos, their payouts, and rules. Then, they work hard to rank them in a way that our customers will understand and appreciate. When it comes to spending your money, especially on a game, it is a good idea to become an educated consumer. We take that hard work on so you do not have to. Simply visit our site, take a quick look and start to play.

Of course, every single casino will say that it is the best casino online. So, how can you trust them. As an independent researcher, we do not have a stake in any of the casinos. We are simply here to report and share. This is what makes us a trustworthy voice in the world of vetting casinos.

How We Do It

As we dig through the world of online gaming, we look at a wide variety of features. We look at the products that casinos offer: their games and bonus opportunities. We look at the good things they offer and we also look at the weaknesses of the casinos, too. Then, we share our findings with you. We use objective measurements to determine if the casino any customer’s time. When we investigate the casino, we create our own usernames and passwords so we make deposits and play the games. We look at how much we win and how much we lose, playing as if we were real players. We also look closely at the reviews that other casino players leave for the casinos, too. We take it all into consideration and share our honest findings with you, the consumer.

Along with the games and bonuses, we also look at other features that many customers do not consider. We look at the safety and integrity of the site so you can trust that your money and private information stays yours. We also look at the variety of games, so you know if there is more than just the typical blackjack, roulette, and fruit slots. We also look at how quickly payouts are received and how customers actually access their payouts. If it takes too long and the process is too complicated, there is no reason to frequent those casinos. We also look closely at the promotions and bonuses that casinos offer and whether they are worth buying into for our readers.

How Our Readers Can Help

When we investigate the offerings of online casinos, we look at the number of unique games. Nearly every casino has roulette, blackjack, and basic slots, even though most casinos will try to individualize them to show off their unique brands. We also look at the games that are truly unique to the casinos themselves. These might be cluster games, word games, and plenty of other options that can only be found at individual casinos. If you have a game that you love and it is only available at one casino, we encourage you to let us know. As we assess the games, we look at how well the games function, so you do not lose money on glitchy games. We also look at the potential jackpots and the return on investment that each game presents. We look at how quickly the games finish and how easy they are to play. We also simply look at how much fun they are. If we love playing them, we are going to assume that we are not the only ones. Some games are just more fun than others.

What We Offer

After we investigate the rules, regulations, and games at online casinos from all over the world, we compile our results and share them as top 10 lists. The lists will constantly change as casinos update their games, change their bonus opportunities, and learn from their customer reviews. Our lists are designed to meet the changing needs of our readers, too. We will share lists based on payouts, deposit bonuses, variety of games, as well as lists that are all about the traditional games that appear at all of the casinos. This way you can learn about the best places to play blackjack, the best casinos with the highest payouts, or the best casinos with the friendliest customer service departments. Our lists can be trusted, because we are not involved with the actual casinos and they do not pay us for featuring their websites. We will also share important information, like what casinos are offering the best promotions and what casinos have the most fun games. The information we provide is priceless for those who love to gamble, especially at online casinos.