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Betsoft was established in 1999, during the early years of online gambling. When they began to create the slots3 line of games, which animated them into the top tier of well known casino software developers, became well known to the general public several years later. In today’s era, the association has expanded its presence in large part to their willingness to compete in grey markets- in particular, licensing their games to sites operating in the United States.

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Betsoft 3D Games

The company was one of the first to really explore the idea of the 3D slot games, and they remain the clear leader in that field even today. Ask any Internet gambler about this company, and you know these innovative and entertaining machines will be the first thing they bring up, as they have left a big mark on the industry over the last few years. Betsoft Gaming, a Tier One developer and  and one of the top providers of online casino software, is the originator and leading innovator of true 3-D cinematic gaming. BetSoft offers a full suite of casino games, including the groundbreaking 3-D series SLOTS3 as well as their cutting edge ToGo library of Mobile casino games, for both Android and iOS. Alongside video slots Betsoft also offers a complete suite of blackjack, roulette, table games, video poker, keno and lottery-style games.

Betsoft SLOTS 3

Based upon BetSoft proprietary EXPANDICON™ technology, the SLOTS3 library features true 3D graphics and animation that meet and exceed the visual dynamics found in console video games and popular animated feature films. Optimized for all both Android and iOS, Betsoft innovative To Go library offers all of the amazing graphics from their hallmark SLOTS3 Library in a flexible mobile format. BetSoft’s robust backend Casino Manager Platform supports all forms of integration, and can provide custom solutions tailored to any needs. The Betsoft Casino Manager platform features extensive scalability and flexibility to meet the rigorous demands for today’s massive gaming operations.

Best Collection of games

Betsoft has the best collection of games, but it’s obvious where we need to start: the now famous Slot3 collection. These 3D titles don’t require special glasses to enjoy, instead using clever animations and good use of perspective to create the illusion of a 3D environment in each game. These games feature animations that feel like something out of a pixar movie and the company has done everything they can to support those graphics with other elements that create a wholly immersive experience. That means that many of these games have loose plots that flesh out the themes of each machine, typically through their bonus rounds. Play a game about a restaurant, and you’ll be trying to impress a snooty critic; a Vegas-themed slot will instead have you playing miniature versions of casino favorites to earn extra cash.

There’s also fun voice acting, great music, and other elements added to really give these games an atmosphere you don’t often see in online slot machines. In total, there are nearly 60 of these 3D slots games offered, each with its own unique theme and characters. There are also about 20 more classic slots, which act more like traditional games with standard graphics. Betsoft has an amazing collection of table games that features most of the popular games that one would find walking into a brick- and – mortar resort. At the same time, these don’t feature 3D graphics and animations; they still look very shiny and play smoothly, in line with everything else this company creates.

Play Betsoft Games Free

For many online casino software companies, it’s hard to pick out one particular thing that they’re known for. They might have some games that are better than others, or have some fascinating software feature, but there isn’t one defining aspect of their offerings that acts as their calling card. There is a clear area in which one can stand out, when it comes to Betsoft.

The Growing Prominence Betsoft

Betsoft has become one of the more popular software developers in the internet gambling industry today. Their overall game selection is great, but the real jewel is those 3D games, which are unmatched by anything else in the industry in terms of their presentation. Betsoft have certainly unique collection of games, that are not the favorite games of every player and few companies have put as much effort into their product as this group. There are also many Betsoft casinos with no deposit bonuses and free spins, so should you wish to try them out, you can play for real money with no risk attached.

While the company’s willingness to license their games in unregulated markets may stop them from being as respected as some of the biggest developers in some circles, their reputation and popularity is still strong throughout the gaming world. If you’re looking for a wide variety of good looking and fun games, Betsoft Gaming casinos are sure to deliver.

Betsoft  Games Security

Security wise, Betsoft is certified by Technical System Testing for its random number generator. The affiliates are therefore safe from end users who try to predict Slots combinations. Betsoft is basically a system integrator, which bridges the back office operations with front end services. The security of financial transactions thus remains privy only to the affiliate casino administration. The developer only supports technical games and platform issues without creating any backdoors that threaten transaction security.

Betsoft Slots: Betsoft – a developer of gaming solutions; is specialized in 3D cinematographic presentation. The company started with the slot3 games for the iOS platform, but it is steadily expanding. It provides original gaming platforms for various casino games to be distributed by affiliates. Full support and customization is offered to affiliates targeting the iGaming market.Betsoft is a modular gaming platform that is used by affiliates to complete their brand’s portfolio. The games, therefore, come with a rebate and bonuses functionality, free chips with promotional codes, and necessary tools for marketing. Betsoft’s full range is yet to be completed but their vision is clear – they are poised to be strategic partners to any casino venture.

Betsoft Slot Game Software

Betsoft uses its proprietary technology, which is similar to that used in animated movie studios. They refine their Fx graphics and feedback sounds with the highest quality recordings. The work involves professional artists and musicians as well as dedicated developers. The result is presented to affiliates through flash media, which allows end users to play online in a web-browser. Certain compression techniques are used in the creation of 3D games, which allows quicker loading times.