American Roulette

The game of roulette has been a great form of entertainment since the 18th century. Even though roulette’s origin is believed to be in Europe, the game has gained popularity in the United States and other parts of the world.

The goal of roulette players is to correctly predict one pocket of the 38 pockets, where the ball will land. Basically, this is how roulette winning is achieved in roulette.

However, roulette has evolved over the past years leading to two major variations. American roulette and European roulette. The major difference between this two roulette is that the American has a total of 38 pockets whereas the European has 36 pockets.

Basics of American Roulette

As mentioned earlier, the major features, odd, bets, and rules of playing roulette games as the same. Nevertheless, there are some little differences that make American roulette being more enjoyable and simple. They include;

  • American roulette has a higher house edge of 5.26%.
  • The numbers on American roulette wheel are arranged in pairs.
  • The total number of pockets are 38 with the extra two being 0 and 00 pockets.

How to play American roulette

Players will make a bet on specific numbers, and the dealer then turns the roulette wheel in a particular direction and spins the roulette ball in the direction opposite to the wheel. If the ball happens to land into the pocket with a number that was selected, the respective gamers win.


  • A player receives chips, normally of different colors to avoid mix up during payouts
  • The player then places his or her bet, either a single bet or a combination
  • The dealer spins the wheel- the player can also place bets or remove when the wheel is still spinning but only before the dealer calls out “no more bet.”
  • After calling out, bets cannot be changed
  • If the ball drops into a numbered pocket on the wheel, the winning number is announced
  • The dealer marks the number on the table, and the bets won paid to the respective player. Lost bets are removed from the table
  • Place the next round bet.

American Roulette Bets

One of the reasons why roulette has many fans than other casino games is the vast range of bets you can choose from. Like other roulette variations, American roulette has two major bets, the outside bets, and the inside bets.

Ideally, the outside bets are newbie friendly, easy to play, but with low payouts. On the contrary, the inside bets are complicated with higher payouts.

Outside Bets

  1. Column Bet

With a payout odd of 2:1, you can only bet on a single column on the betting field. This means that every players has a 31.58% winning chance in every single game.

  1. Red/Black Bet

The color bet is among the oldest roulette bets and is liked and played by old casino backers. It involves prediction of whether the ball will land in a green or black pocket. The payout is even with a winning chance of 47.37%.

  1. Dozen Bet

The logic here is betting on whether the ball will land on all even numbers or in the Odd box. With a 47.37% winning chance, players receive a payout odd of 1:1.

  1. Low/High Bets

The low bet has numbers ranging from 1 to 18 while the high bet has numbers ranging from 19 to 36. The payout is even with a house edge of 5.26%.

Inside Bets

1)         Single Bet

The single bet is also known as a straight bet and it involves betting on any single number. You will receive a payout odd of 35:1 at a 2.63% winning chance.

2)         Street Bet

The placement in this bet includes 0, 1, 2; 0, 00, 2; 00, 2, 3 and players must place the betting chip on the edge at the end of the row. The payout odd here is at 11:1.

3)         Split Bet

A player must bet on two numbers and the chip placed at the intersecting point between the numbers. Splitting can either be done horizontally or vertically. You receive a payout odd of 11:1 if you win.

4)         Corner Bet

The bet is placed at the touching points of four numbers. The payout odd is 8:1.

5)         Top Line Bet

Also known as the ‘Five’ bet, it includes numbers 0,00,1, and 3. You will receive your payouts at the odd of 6:1.

American roulette strategies

Even money bet is probably the safest option when placing an outside bet. It is because, although it offers high payouts, the probability of winning is low. On the other hand, outside bets such as the low/high, red/black and even/odds have a high winning probability although they offer small payouts.

Nonetheless, if you insist on placing the inside bets, you should try not to make single number bets. Instead, you should focus on the nearby or adjacent numbers like the split bet, corner bet or the street bet.

Trying the basket bet on the 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 as well as the double street bet is also a good option. For the double street bet, bets on the 2 nearby line of 3 numbers each are recommended.


Although the American roulette is less favorable among European players, it is considered a fun game among most gamblers and therefore a game that roulette players should check out. By following some of the roulette strategies, a player can maximize their earnings. However, the player should also put into consideration the additional house advantage.

Lastly, while playing the American roulette, all players have equal chances of winning since all the 38 numbers are ordered identically on the roulette wheel. Bet wisely and consciously. All the best.