Roulette odds

When it comes to luck, roulette is the game where you can win enormous prizes by simply predicting the pocket where the ball will land. Most UK online casinos, offer players European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette. Although Roulette is simple to play, you will need to start by learning some basics. This will enable you to understand the main differences as well as how to apply bets. Besides the simple gameplay, bonuses and wagering requirements are very crucial in any roulette game. In online roulette, the payout you get is based on the way you choose your odds. Choosing options with low odds will guarantee you big wins. Nevertheless, you could also lose big with the same odds. To be able to win in any roulette game, you need to study and understand it first. Most UK roulette online casinos like 888 Casino, bCasino, and JellyBean Casino offer the above mentioned main rouette variants.

What every player must understand when he or she is playing any type of online casino roulette game is the winning odds. The chances to win at roulette are directly related to the wheel (American or European/French) and the type of bet. As a matter of fact, it’s quite simple to calculate odds in this game.

It is even simpler to do this with the odds chart. In this way, you can easily calculate these odds and make a sound decision about the type of bet you should opt for in any situation. please see also our  online roulette system review

Online Roulette Red or Black

Know The chances to Win in Roulette

Similar to other online gambling games, Roulette is about odds. To make the most out this great and exciting  game, you must know the interval between your wins and loses. Basically, when we talk about roulette odds we are referring to the house edge. The American version of roulette has a typical house edge of 5.26% (2/37) whilst its counterpart, the European roulette boasts 2.7% (1/37). The best way of understanding how a roulette works are by looking deeply into the odds.

The first thing you need to do while playing this game of chance is to stay realistic while using long odds. Besides the odds, you can use strategies to help boost your bankroll. Remember, a strategy is critical if you want to increase your odds on a roulette table. Here are few roulette playing tips to help you win big with roulette.

Now let’s see what some of the things that you can expect when you start playing online roulette are.

To start with, an ordinary game of roulette allows players to use three even money bets – odd and even, red and black and low and high. We don’t have to talk much about the odd and even and the red and black because you can easily understand when you can win. On the other hand, you should know that low and high bets are related to the landing numbers. If the ball ends up on a number between 1 and 18 then your low bet is a winner. High bets are winning bets when the ball lands on numbers between 19 and 36. In case the ball lands on zero, you will lose your low or high bet.

In cases of even money bet (red and black for example), participants will win in case the ball lands on some of the 18 pockets that have the color they’ve selected. So, the winning odds are 18:38. In other words, there is a 47.37% chance of winning. This means that you could possibly lose 52.63% of the bets.

Calculating Roulette Odds  is Simple:

0.4737 – 0.5263 – -0.0526 which means 5.26%. This is the house edge.

But, the calculations are more difficult when it comes to other types of bets like betting on one number for example. In this case, a winning bet pays 35:1. So, the player can win only if the ball lands on the exact number. The odds are 1:38 or 2.63%. Additionally, a win, in this case, brings 35 units, but a loss will take just one unit away.

Here’s the calculation:

(0.0263 * 35) – 0.9737

0.9211 – 0.9737 = – 0.0526 which means 5.26. This is the house edge.

The payouts and odds may be different on roulette bets of a different kind, but the house edge remains the same. Most casino games require adequate strategy to increase the odds, but that’s not the case with roulette. No matter how you play, the odds remain the same – all you have to do is keep playing.

As we said before, American roulette comes with a double zero, zero and 36 ordinary numbers. So, there are 38 different spaces where the ball can land. If you place a bet on one number, you’ll get 1:38 chance of winning. In other words, you can win one time in 38 spins. We have created a table to highlight the possible outcomes

Bets       Probability         Payout

Even      46.37%                 1:1

Odd        46.37%                 1:1

Red        46.37%                 1:1

Black     46.37%                 1:1

1-18       46.37%                 1:1

19-36     46.37%                 1:1

1-12       31.58%                 2:1

13-24     31.58%                 2:1

25-36     31.58%                 2:1

One number        2.63%                   35:1

Combination of 1-2-3-0-00           13.16%                 6:1

Combination of 6 numbers            15.79%                 5:1

Combination of 4 numbers            10.53%                 8:1

Combination of 3 numbers            7.89%                   11:1

Combination of 2 numbers            5.26%                   17:1

Keep in mind that these odds are calculated for the American roulette. As we said before, the European version of this game doesn’t have a double zero and that’s why it’s a little bit more in favor of players.

Understanding Roulette Odds – Red or Black

It is a fact that betting on Red or Black while playing European roulette increases your chances of winning. Red and Black are betting options available in European and American roulette variations. It is a simple type of bet where a player bets on the outcome of the colors. If the ball lands on your selected color after the spin you win with even odds. That implies that your stake will be doubled.

For example: assuming you have won and your initial bet was $20, your stake will now be $20 rich to make $40!

The greatest lie in this bet is that the odds of winning on a red and black are 50/50. If that is so, then the casino has no advantage over the player.

American Roulette Red and Black Odds

As aforementioned, the American roulette is by far the worst roulette wheel to use if you want to bet on red or black. With the presence of two zero pockets, the outcome will always be a loss whether you bet on red or black.

Bet        American Table

Red        47.4%

Black        47.4%

European Roulette Red and Black Odds

European roulette provides a better opportunity of winning with the red or black bets because of the presence of one zero. This variation has thirty-seven possible outcomes. This implies that all your bets have higher chances of winning.

Bet         European Table

Red        48.6%

Black        48.6%

La Partage Roulette

The La Partage rule is available in French roulette table. With this rule, you get back half of your stake on the red or black but only if the ball lands in the zero pocket. This is beneficial to the player because it cuts down the house edge to 1.3%.

Bet        La Partage Roulette

Red        48.6% plus 50% refund with the zero in the pocket

Black        48.6% plus 50% refund with the zero in the pocket

European Roulette odds

When it comes to European roulette real money, the 00 pocket is missing which gives the players better winning odds. For instance, for every dollar you place on European roulette you can expect to get 97.37 cents over some period of time (that’s one dollar minus the casino edge of 2.63%). On the other hand, you can expect to get back just 94.74 cents for every dollar you invest in American roulette.

Bets       Probability         Payout

Even      48.6%                   1:1

Odd        48.6%                   1:1

Red        48.6%                   1:1

Black     48.6%                   1:1

1-18       48.6%                   1:1

19-36     48.6%                   1:1

1-12       32.4%                   2:1

13-24     32.4%                   2:1

25-36     32.4%                   2:1

One number        2.7%                     35:1

Combination of 6 numbers            16.2%                   5:1

Combination of 4 numbers            10.8%                   8:1

Combination of 3 numbers            8.1%                     11:1

Combination of 2 numbers            5.4%                     17:1

If you are looking for the bets you should avoid in this type of roulette, experts would advise avoiding single numbers and the 5-number bet (American roulette). These bets have a huge gap between odds and payouts.

In case you want to play online roulette of any kind, select the bets with odds that are more or less same as their payouts. The so-called even money bets are betting on odd, even, high and low numbers, black or red. They come with a 1:1 payout ratio.