Roulette Strategy

Roulette Game Basics

There are many people who are interested in learning more about poker strategy, but only a small number of them are looking for roulette strategy. Due to the fact that these two casino games are almost equally popular, some of you may be wondering why this happening is. Well, the truth is that most roulette players, be it online or offline players, believe that roulette is a very simple game with clear rules and objectives, so there is no space for developing strategies. They also think that there are no useful roulette tips and tricks either. Every player knows that roulette is all about placing a bet, watching the wheel spinning, the ball dropping into a specific slot and if you hit the right slot, you are a winner. Without any doubt, players can’t affect the where the ball will end which means that luck is a major factor in this classic casino game.

But, experience roulette players know that they can increase their winning chances in case they make a plan about how they are placing the bets on each spin. It turns out that that different results provide the casino different edge and in case you want to make some money, it is highly recommended to put your bets on the specific number of number combinations that provide the casino the least advantage. There is more than one good roulette strategy that passionate roulette players should try. In this article, we will highlight a few of them that have proven to be useful for some players.

Placing bets multiple times

We will start describing the most popular strategies with a strategy that is not very simple. In this case, the players are advised to put a bet on both black and odd or red and even for each turn. In case the best doesn’t win, you double the amount. In case it’s a winner, you will start with the initial bet in the next turn. So, the logic behind this strategy is that there is ¼ chance of winning the black and odd and 50:50 chance of breaking even. Keep in mind that this is not a good long-term strategy because of the casino edge. In addition, you will have to be prepared to use a significant amount of money.

Betting on black

It turns out that if you place bets only on black, after 38 spins of the ball, the probability of winning is around 47.4%. In other words, in case the wheel is spun 38 times, it is very likely that the ball will land on a black slot ten times (almost 100% probability). But in this case, you will have to change the amount of bets from time to time because otherwise, you will have a chance to win the same amount of money you have invested which is obviously not a good thing for those looking for a way to make a profit.

Using the Labouchere system

The Labouchere system is all about choosing a line on the roulette table and using the same numbers from previous rounds to choose the right bet amount for the upcoming spin. It all depends on the outcome of the previous spin – were you a winner or a loser? In case you were able to win on a specific number you would eliminate the outside numbers and keep playing with the smaller line. In case you lose on a spin, you simply add the bet played before to the line’s end and bet on a longer line. There are a huge number of experienced roulette players who claim that this strategy is working mostly because it provides flexibility in making unique strings based on previous outcomes. In other words, this strategy has some logic in it.

Single/double dozen bets

Another popular strategy is to use the so-called dozen bet system. This system is available in two versions – double and single dozen bets. The single dozen bet is a type of bet where the players rely on increasing bets beginning from the minimum all the way to the maximum allowed at the table. So, the main goal of this strategy is for the player to become a winner before they lose all their money. This system uses many different tactics to achieve this goal like betting on the same numbers for a few times or betting on a dozen of numbers by taking the last five spins into account. On the other hand, the double dozen bets rely on the same principles except they require more money and just 50% of the stake list.

Playing on odd/even or red/black

By following this strategy, you can’t expect spectacular wins, but you will probably end up as a winner at the end of the night. So, try to place a bet on odd or even or red or black and remember to bet a maximum of five percent of your bank. Simply keep playing the same bet, regardless of the outcome. Wait until you win at least 50% of the amount you had when you started or lose the whole amount of money you had. By playing on red/black or odd/even you will significantly reduce the casino advantage.

The first and third column system

Here’s another great roulette system. As the name suggests, players have to place bets on the first and third column on the roulette table and an additional bet on black. The goal is to cover the majority of outcomes. The zero slot/s, the middle column, and the four red numbers are the only positions that will be left uncovered. But, by doing this, you can’t expect an impressive return. Of course, the winning chances will be increased, but in the end, you will probably break even. So, you can’t expect great wins with this strategy.

Expert roulette players usually make fun of new roulette players who bet on numbers that have some meaning for them. For instance, many players bet on their own birthday date or the date when they got married. This has nothing to do with strategy. The systems we’ve mentioned will probably help you keep your bankroll and make a profit.