Triple 7s Blackjack

Triple 7s Blackjack has maintained a high ranking over the past years because of its unique progressive jackpots. Actually, this is the main difference between triple 7s and other blackjack variations. Moreover, players in triple 7s blackjack enjoy high bonus offers.

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Basically, triple 7s blackjack is composed of 5 standard card decks made of 52 traditional cards and is played between a dealer and a player.

Blackjack triple 7

How to Play Triple 7s Blackjack

Triple 7s blackjack is widely played online, with some land-based casinos gaining fame in cities. Punters in triple 7s blackjack have one goal in mind. To beat the dealer’s hand. You must choose a higher figure than your dealer. The dealer’s cards in this variation always face up.  However, in some cases the dealer will exceed 21 ‘bust’ which will in return be to your advantage.

The Blackjack progressive jackpot is the center of attraction in triple 7s blackjack. This unique jackpot is won when you earn three sevens of diamond. This also explains the source of the name triple 7s blackjack.  However, experts recommend that players should place their bets when the jackpot is high.

It is good for both newbies and blackjack gurus to know the different types of bets to place in triple 7s casino.

Triple 7s Rules you must follow

  • The game must involve 5 card decks of cards
  • The cards must be shuffled every after handshake
  • Players are free to split up to a single hand
  • Dealer’s soft must stand at 17
  • Players are allowed to double down on a 2 card.
  • Wins payout on a ratio of 1:1 and many more.

Triple 7s Bonus Offers

As mentioned earlier, triple 7s bonus play a big role of attracting more players in this blackjack variation. Without following any particular order, here are some of the bonuses to target in triple 7s blackjack.

  • Three sevens of diamond lands you to a progressive jackpot
  • Unsuited pair f sevens wins bonus at 25:1
  • A payout of 50:1 for suited sevens
  • Single seven leads to a bonus payout of 5:1

Nevertheless, there are some key points to note before you make your bets. First, a player cannot receive credit for the third seven if the other two sevens are split. Triple 7s blackjack analyzer highly recommend that players should place their bets when the jackpot rises to $109860. The house edge at this point is rated at 37.94% and the triple 7s will be in your favor as a player.

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Triple 7s Blackjack Strategy

Debates have been going around in online casinos about whether there are any blackjack playing strategies that have proven 100% chances of winning. Although, not 100% sure, these highly analyzed strategies have shown that nothing is possible without a plan.

The right strategy will change depending on the game. For instance, when you have a surrender option, the right play for a particular hand will change. Also, if the game permits doubling after splitting, it changes the dynamics of the game. This page will assist you in knowing all about blackjack strategy and what to consider while playing other variants.

To be pro blackjack gambler, you will need to find a basic strategy chart for your game, print it and memorize the card. A color-coded chart is normally recommended. That strategy chart should show you when you are supposed to stand, hit, split or quit in all situations. It should also indicate when to double if it is permitted.

Most players often think that memorizing the strategy chart table is hard. However, it is not difficult especially if you are studying the chart for a single set of playing rules. The chart will highlight the particular types of strategy situations. To understand how to play your hand in the in the right way will depend on the cards that you have and the dealer’s upcard.

The correct blackjack strategy will also change when decks are added to the shoe. For example, you will come across a strategy chart meant for a single deck, a double deck as well as more than four decks at a time. When there are a higher number of cards in the deck, two outcomes become imminent. First, the usefulness of your ability to follow the cards that has already been dealt with fades. Secondly, it becomes difficult to keep a correct card count.